The Dead Man's Sutra

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Only Big Cover, as a broker, knew about the deviation in the middle. The fact was that the prostitute he had been patronizing had an affair with a handsome swordsman and raised a gigolo with his money.

Only Big Cover, as a broker, knew about the deviation in the middle. The fact was that the prostitute he had been patronizing had an affair with a handsome swordsman and raised a gigolo with his money. This made Big Cover extremely angry. The handsome swordsman had some background and could not afford to offend him for the time being. Big Cover turned his resentment to another swordsman he did not know. The unlucky swordsman lives in a small village on the edge of the city. The area is full of wandering swordsmen from all over the world. They either kill people to avoid capture, or they are so poor that they have only a precarious life and a knife with a gap. They want to find a chance to rise in the world in the legendary "land of swords". The swordsman named Nie Qing has only been in Biyu City for less than two months. He occasionally works as a temporary bodyguard for a wealthy businessman. He has not yet established a strong relationship. By the standard of Tiehanfeng, this is a simple and easy target to kill. On that day, the last autumn rain of that year began in the morning and lasted until the evening. The temperature dropped sharply and there were few pedestrians on the street. A dirty child ran to the south wall tavern in the rain, whispered a few words in Tie Hanfeng's ear, took the silver and ran away. Tie Hanfeng picked up his glass, "He will be at home all day, don't worry, wait for the rain to stop and then go." But the rain did not stop until noon, Tie Hanfeng sighed, "Damn God, just don't let you do something smoothly, come on, how to solve that son of a bitch today." Master and disciples borrowed a coir raincoat from a tavern and took two narrow knives from a small room. These two narrow knives are impeccable products of Jinpeng Castle. I don't know which two killers left here. Along the way, Tie Hanfeng first complained about the weather, and then began to describe his good life after he quit the killer business completely: living in a big house in the north city, sleeping in a prostitute in the alley, drinking wine in the south wall, never touching a knife, and maybe having a son or something. TieHanFeng recently to wash his hands of this topic is particularly interested in, Cited several successful and unsuccessful examples, JinPengBao killer's final fate is not all die under the knife, Many people can die, But only the early preparation to live a good life, Most of the killer in the title lost penniless, can only live on both sides of the mountain Month after month, she waited for the meager money given by Shibao, barely living, and even dared not come to the city to drink. Some killers have to return to their old business, but they are not allowed to act in the name of "Jinpengbao Killer", so they have to join the ranks of wandering swordsmen, and maybe they will die under the knife of a new generation of strange killers. I would never ***ing live like this. Tie Hanfeng vowed that he didn't care about the rain on his face. There are also successful killers who have saved enough money long before retirement. Some have gone far away from home, and some have bought a house in Beicheng to enjoy the safe environment created by Jinpeng Fort and spend the rest of their lives without any danger. Gu Shenwei was confused by what his master said. If the killer was just such a common profession, wouldn't what he was doing now be farther and farther away from the goal of revenge? In the past two days, collapsible bulk containers ,ibc spill pallet, he was a little restless. He was afraid that he would get used to his master's preaching and arrangement. In the future, he would go to the end on the road of killers, and finally die of old age in Beicheng. What top killers, what great cause of revenge, would be forgotten. Two blocks away from the swordsman Nie Qing's home, Tie Hanfeng closed his mouth and stopped talking. He looked back and forth, grasped the hilt of the knife, and instantly changed from an ambitious old man to a ruthless and cold-blooded killer. The cooperation of the two killers does not need too much language, Tie Hanfeng walked in front, Gu Shenwei followed ten paces away, stepped on the cold muddy ground, turned two corners, and came to a small courtyard door. Small courtyard is very simple, the courtyard wall is low, the iron cold front jumped in directly, Gu Shenwei took a look before and after, also jumped in. The water in the yard had accumulated into a pond. Tie Hanfeng stood at the door of the house and listened for a while, then pushed the door and entered. The two men in the room looked at the intruder in amazement. Who are you? How did you get in? A woman in her thirties, putting down the dough she was kneading, asked stiffly, and suddenly, as if she understood something, added, "He's not here. He's out drinking." Continue to knead the dough with your head down. Gu Shenwei stood in the doorway, watching the outside, his eyes only lingering on the teenager. The boy was thin and black, as if he had practiced martial arts, and stood in front of his mother without saying a word. Tie Hanfeng glanced at the inner room and complained, "That smelly boy has given me the wrong information again." The woman threw down the dough and pushed her son away. "You can solve the man's problem by yourself. Our mother and son can't control it and don't want to control it." Tie Hanfeng nodded, did not pick up the woman's words, but asked the teenager behind her, "How old are you?" "Fourteen." The boy answered coldly. Fourteen, a man, should know how to avenge his father. As soon as the woman's face changed, the young man did not know that disaster was imminent. He got ahead of his mother and said proudly, "You can't beat my father. If anyone kills him, I will.." "Shut up!" The woman rapped out, "Your father is a swordsman who works hard for others. He deserves to die. Why should he avenge himself?" The boy blushed. "I'm a swordsman, too. I want revenge." "Get your knife." Tie Hanfeng ordered. The boy turned and ran to the inner room. Tie Hanfeng jumped over and punched the boy in the back of his neck. The boy fell to the ground and stopped moving. The woman grabbed the kitchen knife and screamed at the killer. Tie Hanfeng knocked off the kitchen knife in the woman's hand, held her neck and covered her mouth. "Solve this boy. Master is going to solve other problems." The expression on Tie Hanfeng's face was all too familiar,plastic pallet crates, but at this time it looked uglier than ever. "Is that necessary?" The disciple's question surprised the master. "Of course it's necessary. It can save me dozens of taels of silver. You know how expensive those bitches are.". Besides, this woman is going to die. Wouldn't it be a waste? "I thought we were just killers." Gu Shenwei can accept a corpse full of holes, but it is difficult to recognize the master's current actions.