Legend of the ring

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"This, this, this," Baku shivered a few times. "This is like moving a luxury villa from the most exclusive hotel here! It's too ***ing exaggerated!

"This, this, this," Baku shivered a few times. "This is like moving a luxury villa from the most exclusive hotel here! It's too ***ing exaggerated! Look, there's a swimming pool, and it's so big. Kitchen, what do you say to build a kitchen, but also take the name of the kitchen, it is simply fooling around! A restaurant is a restaurant. Is there a kitchen with hundreds of square meters? Bedroom, you said you were alone. Why did you make such a big bedroom? There are so many single rooms. Shit, a single room is better than my bedroom. No, I'll, I'll look for it again. After watching it, Baku rushed in and out of Wang Tian's lounge with a series of complaints. Wang Tian was quick with his hands and quick with his eyes. He wrapped Xiaozhen and Xiaoai in a quilt and didn't let them show their spring scenery. He was dragged out of the lounge by Baku and began to search from room to room. He was lucky enough to find a few. These rooms are hung with VIP lounge number plates. Although the facilities and furnishings inside are much worse than those in Wang Tian's room, they are much better than those in Baku. At least there are a few more attached rooms, and there is a small swimming pool of more than 50 square meters. After choosing from several rooms in Baku, he finally picked one. Without saying a word, he removed the sign of the adjutant's lounge on his door and hung it on the one he had chosen. This kind of house is more like it. If I don't find it, I'll go to your place all day to eat and drink,Prison toilet for sale, and take a bath. I'm worried to death. Baku looked elated: "How to say I am also an adjutant, one person below, ten thousand people above, ah no, three thousand people above, in charge of three thousand people, but the power is very big.". This room is very suitable for my status. I've decided to live here,stainless steel toilet, ha ha. When he first heard Baku say that, Wang Tian broke out in a cold sweat. If let him live in his own room, that little Jane, little love can be too inconvenient, but he asked them not to wear clothes when no one ah. No, go back and tell them that no one is allowed to enter except me, especially the Baku boy. Baku's last words put Wang Tian at ease: "Since you like it here, just move here. As long as you don't bother me, you can move anywhere in the whole boat.". I don't mind living in a garbage bin. "Bah, you live in the garbage bin!" After scolding, Baku ignored him and contacted his two concubines with the ship's communicator. This kind of communicator is available to all ship personnel, and robots are no exception, which can contact the people they need to contact as quickly as possible. Apart from not being able to contact the captain casually, Flush valve price ,Time Delay Tap, the functions are the same, and it is very convenient to contact up and down. Baku brought two concubines for personal gain. Wang Tianyi thought that he would take a few with him and give one to each of his women. It would be convenient for him to find someone in the future. Otherwise, a boat would be more than one thousand meters long and he would not be able to find anyone for an hour or so. As soon as Baku hugged the two concubines, he pushed Wang Tian out of the room and said, "I want to take my concubine to visit the room, so you don't have to accompany me.". And don't call me until you get to Watts, so be it. Then he closed the door. Son of a bitch! Put me on it again! Wang Tian cursed loudly outside the door, but did not respond. After thinking about it, he seemed to have nothing to do and came to the command room step by step. Robots are not like humans. They are really conscientious. They sit in their respective positions meticulously and are busy with their work. Those who don't have a job are also sitting in that standard, after all, they don't know how to be lazy. Captain, please make the handover. There are four robots in the captain's room, which input the information of the warship management, specially for Wang Tian to replace when he leaves. It can handle some simple tasks, and if there is an emergency, it will definitely need someone to handle it. The robot who saluted Wang Tian is now exercising the captain's authority on behalf of Wang Tian. When he sees Wang Tian, of course he has to hand over his shift. No, you go ahead and let me know if anything happens. Wang Tian didn't want to sit there. "How long will it take to get to Watts?" He asked. "Two hours, nine minutes and forty-six seconds to go, captain." "Call me at the hour, you know." "I see, captain." It's better not to run around. I've probably seen what I should see. It only takes more than two hours to catch up on sleep. The captain's room is not small, there is a transparent small conference room, there is a single room, Wang Tian went in. Chapter 85-Trading "Captain, we are about to enter the atmosphere of Watts." The robot adjutant reminded dutifully. The Adjutant General's Office in Baku also has two robot agents. I see Wang Tian picked up the ship's internal communicator and said to Baku, "It's Watts. Will you come?" "Are you leaving today?" Baku asked. Wang Tian looked at the time. It was morning. "It's still early today. I can go after I finish my work." "Then I won't go down. I'll set up the laboratory later. I'm very busy." After turning off the communicator, the robot correspondent asked, "Watts Star Merchant Ship Dock is asking if you want to dock. Do you need to contact him?" "No, tell him to stop for one day." "Yes, Captain." Replied the correspondent. Passed a little while to say again: "Dockyard navigator wants my ship to dock number one dock number 14 boat, ask an instruction." "You can dock." "Yes, Captain." "Safe landing, captain." Said the robot adjutant. Attention all personnel. The fleet, except the acting captain, is in a state of rest. One hundred fighters immediately wake up and take charge of defense work. If there is a sudden accident, contact me immediately. Wang Tian confessed. This time Wang Tian took four robot fighters out of the ship, and Xiao Zhen and Xiao Ai also stayed on the ship. When I got off the ship, I saw several cars parked in front of the merchant dock. Welcome, my Lord baron. I am Partridge, master of the old merchant shipyard, and I am here to serve you. Partridge smiled and bowed to Wang Tian. Partridge, the owner of the merchant shipyard,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, had a round face and his eyes narrowed with laughter. Don't mention it. I'm just spending the day in Watts. I'll be leaving tonight. Do you have a car that I can borrow? Wang Tian asked. Yes, my Lord Baron. May I ask what kind of car you need? I've got the best car here. Partridge said, pointing to several cars behind him. cnkexin.com