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Not only that, after completing the fusion of dragon and tiger, Zhou Weiqing's strength can be said to have undergone tremendous changes, solidifying the integration of dragon spirit, not only brought Zhou Weiqing real fire immunity, but also more dark immunity.

Not only that, after completing the fusion of dragon and tiger, Zhou Weiqing's strength can be said to have undergone tremendous changes, solidifying the integration of dragon spirit, not only brought Zhou Weiqing real fire immunity, but also more dark immunity. That is to say, if the skills of these two attributes fall on Zhou Weiqing, then the effect that can be produced is only the impact of Tianli, without any attribute effect. If this attack on Zhou Weiqing's fire attribute or dark attribute skill emphasizes the power of the attribute, then it will not cause any damage to Zhou Weiqing. For example, some of the fire attribute skills are specially high temperature burning, so what is the use of it on him? In the words of Long Shiya, because Zhou Weiqing himself has no fire attribute, therefore, the solidified dragon spirit can not directly give him powerful skills, therefore, after the complete integration of the solidified dragon spirit and Zhou Weiqing, the benefits brought to him are all reflected in the body. Zhou Weiqing is not only immune to his own fire attribute,mobile garbage bin, but also, once he fights with the enemy, all his attacks will be attached to the powerful fire attribute. Moreover, when his hands turn into dragon claws, the destructive power of pure dragon claws is almost no different from that of real dragon claws without considering the strength. Once the Yin and Yang giant spirit palm is attached, its destructive power is so terrible that even the cultivation of Long Shiya is not willing to be patted by him. That smell is not good. The biggest advantage of congealed equipment is that it will change with the user's own situation, not a fixed form. Like Zhou Weiqing now,spill plastic pallet, when his Yin and Yang giant palms are attached to his hands and arms, the palms will turn into dragon claws. After discovering that Zhou Weiqing had changed so much, Long Shiya changed his original strategy. He helped Zhou Weiqing spend three days to experience the changes in his body. Even if it is any slight change, it will not let go. The more familiar he is with himself, the more he will get twice the result with half the effort if he practices the six absolute control skills. Especially after learning that Zhou Weiqing's wings had the effect of absorbing the power of heaven and earth, Long Shiya wanted him to experience his own changes more carefully. Three days have passed, and although it is not yet possible to say that Tong Weiqing has fully mastered his new body, at least he has basically understood the changes in his body. Now it's not out of control to fly with two wings. And he simply practiced some flying skills. This is what Shangguan Feier is good at. Although Zhou Weiqing did not have the ability to practice before, he had never seen a pig run without eating pork. So, it's a good practice. Of course, he would never let Shangguan Feier know this. Xiaopang, come here. Long Shitao waved to Zhou Weiqing, who had just finished breakfast. Zhou Weiqing stood there hesitantly, plastic bulk containers ,wholesale plastic pallet, his face alert. In the past three days, he was badly beaten by Long Shiya. In order to verify the strength of his body, Long Dapang did not show any mercy. It was absolutely necessary to beat him to the limit before he was willing to end. No matter how Zhou Weiqing screamed and pretended to be useless, the emperor could clearly feel the changes in his body, and it was meaningless to pretend. At this time Long Shiya called him over, Zhou Weiqing thought it was going to start again, how could he be willing? "Hurry up." Long Shiya said angrily. Only then did Zhou Weiqing reluctantly walk up to the teacher, but he was always vigilant in his heart. Once you get beaten, you can be prepared! Long Shiya looked at him like that and couldn't help laughing. "Look at your worthless appearance. Haven't you been beaten for two days?"? It is not natural for a teacher to beat his apprentice. Don't worry, I won't beat you today. From today on, I will teach you the true meaning of Liujue control skill, Liujue Tiandao Array. We don't have much time. Before we go to the Snow God Mountain, you must practice the Liujue Tiandao Array. Liujue Tiandao Array? For this strange term Zhou Weiqing sounds a little confused, in the six unique control skills training methods that Long Shiya had given him, the records are only basic, and there is no mystery about the six unique heavenly array. Chapter 171 Liujue Tiandao Array (I). Teacher, what is Liujue Tiandao Array? Zhou Weiqing looked at Long Shiya curiously. Long Shiya snorted and said, "Do you think I can get the title of the six absolute emperors just by virtue of the exquisite control of various attributes?"? As long as the cultivation is enough, if you want to carefully control the power of heaven and control skills, any dzi master can do it. However, my Liujue control skill is unique, because of the existence of Liujue Tiandao Array. Feel it carefully. As he spoke, Long Shiya's body was already lit up, and eleven stone cat's eye beads floated out. In an instant, he completed the formation of the lower six and the upper five. The six-color halo rose, and it was the array of the six unique ways of heaven that emanated. Zhou Weiqing at this time has a dragon and tiger change in the body, for all the perception of the outside world is extremely strong, not to mention Long Shiya has no cover for him, immediately felt the earth-shaking changes in the air. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had an illusion in his mind, as if Long Shiya had become the master of the whole world. Water, fire, earth, wind, light and darkness, the six attributes of heaven and earth did not merge with him, but orderly circled and arranged around his body, just like his soldiers, ready to be dispatched at any time. Long Shiya waved his right hand gently, and all of a sudden, the six attributes of heavenly power in the air were separated into a six-color light blade in front of him, and behind him,foldable bulk container, the image of heavenly skill in his own image had appeared. The true meaning of the six absolute control skills lies in the word "fusion". Fusion is a required course for dzi masters with multi-attribute beads. The vast majority of dzi masters have to consume a lot of heavenly power to maintain the instability of this fusion when they fuse multiple attributes. The more attributes you fuse, the more difficult it is. And the mystery of my Liujue Tiandao Array is that the fusion through the Liujue Tiandao Array does not need to be controlled by the power of heaven. The Liujue Tandao Array itself has become a container for binding fusion. In the Liujue Tandao array, all attributes will not conflict. Zhou Weiqing listened to Long Shiya's words and opened his eyes wide. Is that all right.