Sheng Long Dao

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Sheng Long DaoSheng Long DaoSheng Long DaoSheng Long DaoSheng Long Dao

The two bodyguards behind Bill and the other two companions stepped forward aggressively. Yi Chen quickly picked up a poker card from the table. With a flick of his fingers, the white light flashed and a blood stain appeared on Bill's nose. Bill was stupefied for a moment. Yi Chen gently shook the jade pendant on his finger and said with a grim smile, "Dear Mr. Boar, if your subordinates are still so impolite, my jade pendant will hit you in the eye. Do you think it is the left eye or the right eye?" The bookmaker quickly separated Jester, who was rubbing his hands, and Fatadio's two assistants, and said kindly, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Duke of Windsor. You don't want the scandal of fighting to spread across half of Europe tomorrow, do you?"? Please restrain yourself. We don't want something unpleasant to happen on our cruise ship. The second officer led several senior crew members in and said with a smile, "Dear friends, the luncheon is about to begin. Don't you want to enjoy the snails carefully cooked by the top French chef?" Smiling, the crew stopped between the two sides who were about to clash. Angrily, Bill led the men out. When he got to the door, he suddenly turned around and shouted, "Tonight, there's a boxing match tonight. Let's bet again. I'll single you.." Fatadio, remember, I'll take your stake. Second Officer,touch screen digital signage, I hope you can arrange it for me. The second mate smiled and nodded yes. Fatadio laughed, and so did Yi Chen. Fatadio casually threw a dozen stacks of bills to the dealer and the second officer, then tilted his head and put his trembling hand on the second officer's shoulder, showing a smiling face that made the second officer a little creepy. His face was less than ten centimeters in front of the second officer, and he asked him softly: "Dear, Wild Boar Bill.." What do you do? Are you so arrogant? The second officer laughed. "Mr. Fatadio, we can't leak any information about our guests." The female banker had gone out with several other crew members,face detection android, closed the door, and the camera lenses in the four corners of the room suddenly turned 180 degrees and aimed at the wall. Fatadio smiled and said, "Well, no, come on, come on, I want to know!" He grabbed a bundle of bills on the table and stuffed them into the second mate's pocket. The second officer insisted, "Sir, oh, don't do this. We have principles. We can't reveal anything about the guests …" Yi Chen interrupted him: "Dear Second Officer, principles and even chastity have a price, and I have always believed that.." Hehe, give me all the information about Bill, you.. You can take half of the dollars in my suitcase. Without any coyness, face recognition identification kiosk ,thermal imaging camera, the second officer smiled directly and began to escape the bills from the suitcase and put them on the table. When there were fifty stacks left in the suitcase, he closed the lid and held them in his hand. Yi Chen raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Is that all right?"? Give us the information we want to know? The second officer, without any nonsense, smiled and said in a low voice, "His superficial information is that he is the manager of a stock exchange in New York, but some of our crew members know him. He is a man in New York, USA." Well, a high-ranking member of a family originally from Italy, a very difficult man to mess with. Gentlemen, as God is my witness, I said nothing. Yi Chen smiled. "Oh, a member of the Mafia's American family?"? Honey, you can go now. We won't tell anything about you. The second officer opened the door and went out. Suddenly he turned around and said with a smile, "I agree with what this gentleman from China said. Everything has a price." No matter how noble a lady is, her chastity has a price. I agree with this view very much. It simply covers all the truths in the world. He smiled and went out with his suitcase. Fatadio cursed in a low voice: "Damn, this bitch.". ” Yi Chen laughed. "He's a pimp, isn't he?"? What's the difference with a bitch? Tonight's boxing match.. Fatadio, do you have any good ideas? Fatadio said helplessly: "***, if I had known there was such a thing, I would have brought the boss's bodyguard to come over, what black market boxing, he is also a master ah.". It's a pity. It's a pity. Damn, boxing is different from gambling. You can't control it by yourself. Yi Chen smiled and looked at Jester, who was jumping like a monkey, and said to Fatadio with a smile, "Can we send someone to compete?" Fatadio nodded. "Yes, we can send fighters to fight the fighters they choose. Of course, we have to ask in advance.". However, most of these fighters are trained like hell. Where can we find such a person now? Could it be. Dear China Yi, do you have any idea? Yi Chen smiled and pointed at Jester and said, "Jester is a good fighter, and he will be happy to win a lot of dollars for us.." Jester laughed contentedly, and in the shocked eyes of Fatadio and his two assistants, he punched through the three-inch thick teak table. Easy dust gently applause: "Mr. Jester, tonight, you will be the protagonist, I hope not to let me down."? I will drop twenty million dollars on you, and if you lose, jump into the sea and swim to Shanghai by yourself. Of course, don't go too far. The last sentence was to tell Jester not to use power beyond the imagination of ordinary people, and Jester nodded and agreed. Novel-txt Paradise Chapter 18 Demon Jester. Fatadio and Bill met under the arrangement of the second officer. Fatadio grinned and said, "Dear Mr. Boar, oh,face recognition identification, I have a proposal. Do you want to hear it?" Seeing that Bill's face suddenly became very ugly, Fatadio hurriedly put away the mischievous mentality of deliberately teasing people and greeted him honestly: "Mr. Bill, do you intend to gamble with us about boxing in the evening?" 。