The strongest abandons less

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The strongest abandons lessThe strongest abandons lessThe strongest abandons less

To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter 326 changes. He looked at the letter that had not been written and sighed. No wonder Nie Shuangshuang wants to say that she is still a virgin, that is because she saw in her own eyes her disgust, she said this sentence, just to prove what it is. It's no wonder that when I first met her, she had a kind of cold and opposite sex breath. It turned out to be a pet she had, and that pet was a ghost eater. If her pet has just eaten a male ghost, there is indeed a breath of the opposite sex before it can be digested. It seems that seeing is not necessarily true, when I saw Nie Shuangshuang open her dress in the'Drunken Eye Bar ', it turned out that her pet came out to suck ghosts. There is such a thing that can be disguised as the same as the surrounding environment, and can also be promoted by eating the ghosts of the dead. If this kind of thing is put in the realm of cultivation, it is absolutely a good thing for countless people to rob, but if it is put on the earth, it is a disaster. Staring at Nie Shuangshuang, who had fainted, he struggled fiercely in his heart to save her life. Forget it, anyway, I still have three'Liansheng Dan ', see you risk your life to inform me about the moon view, I will feed you one, as to whether it is dead or alive depends on your good fortune. Kui took out a'Liansheng Dan 'and put it in Nie Shuangshuang's mouth,Marble Granite Price, and the elixir immediately turned into liquid medicine and flowed into Nie Shuangshuang's body. Feed the elixir, but don't want to delay time, step on the flying sword, like streamer, fly to Chun'an, he knows, tonight there will be a killing in Chun'an. When he arrived at Chun'an, it was almost ten o'clock in the evening. He always felt that he had something to catch,Silver Travertine Slabs, but he was not caught. It's Nie Shuangshuang's letter. It seemed that there was something he needed in it, but he could not find out what it was. He returned to his residence. The building was still lifeless, without any vitality, except for some lonely old people on the first and second floors, the third floor and above seemed to be dead. Because I didn't see Luoxuan. I still want to look for her. Nothing else, just for the golden piece of paper. Now he had the lower part of the compass, but the upper part was not found. Just before he went to look for Luoxuan, he had to go to Huo's house. Just now he went to his residence and deliberately slowed down, but he didn't see anyone coming to intercept him. According to Sihong, they should have ambushed themselves in Chun'an, how could they not? When he came to Huo's house. I immediately understood what was going on. Huo Quming of the Huo family had already left, and there was no sign of Huo. Kui's divinity swept Huo Quming's study, and many of the books in it were removed. Although to Huo Quming this old fellow in the heart is very uncomfortable, but also did not vent to the point of killing his family. Besides, Granite Slab Supplier ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, although he had a chance to kill himself, he hadn't done it yet, whether he had heard anything or not, since he hadn't done it. There is no need for me to care about it. Even if escaped, he and Huo Quming is not a deep hatred, there is no need to spend time to kill him. Huo Quming was not there, and he was not ambushed, and he immediately knew that he had killed four prefecture-level warriors, which had been leaked to the people who wanted to ambush him in Chun'an. For the men who were going to ambush him to escape. Kui didn't care much about it, but one of the elders of the joint school also ran away, which made him take it to heart. After all, the elder was one of the people he would kill, and he wanted to kill anyone who was in line with the school. But I also know. It's hard not to let these people know the news. Because they started at night, even if he arrived in Chun'an during the day, there was no way to block the news. Did not wait to ambush his hermit door ancient martial arts practitioners, Kui felt a little unsatisfied. But also can only let it go, he is ready to wait and meet with Luoxuan, immediately rushed to the school. Can't let the people of the school get the news, continue to retreat, cut the grass to uproot, this point is very clear. 'Ying Hua Guan ', although the history of some long, but it is very dilapidated, it is located in the eastern suburbs of Chun'an, thirty miles away, this is the place where Luoxuan and Kui agreed. Only when he came to the periphery of Yinghua Guan, the divine consciousness did not sweep anyone, or even just smelled the smell of blood. He walked in quickly. There was no one in the'Ying Hua Guan ', but there was blood everywhere on the ground. And the scope is not small, the blood seems to be very fresh, indicating that there was a killing here not long ago. Luoxuan will be all right, Kui first thought of Luoxuan, it is not that she has the golden paper she needs, but the way Luoxuan patted her chest and said she was not afraid of ghosts, and the way she hung the peach wood sword outside his house in the middle of the night. Then he remembered if there was a golden piece of paper on Luoxuan's body. He looked carefully around the'Ying Hua Guan 'and found that the footsteps outside the compass were somewhat messy. Judging from the number of footsteps, there were not many people here. It seemed that there were only about four or five people, and he reconfirmed that there were only four people's footprints. If a pair of footprints were added, then besides Luoxuan, there were three people who came here. Only in addition to the'Ying Hua Guan 'around, a little farther away, but no trace can be seen. Then this'Ying Hua Guan 'inside the bloodstain must be one or several of these four people, his heart suddenly some irritable up, if not because of the tracking of Nie Shuangshuang things, perhaps when he came, these things have not happened. He turned around a few more times, but saw the footprints of two more people on the outermost side. It seemed that besides these four people, there was another person coming from behind. But then the people seemed to come and go,Carrara Marble Slab, and he confirmed that there was no other trace except these, and he turned back with some disappointment. It seems that the golden piece of paper has no fate with him, and whether Luoxuan lives or dies depends on her good fortune.