Rebel minister _ Cai someone

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Rebel minister _ Cai someoneRebel minister _ Cai someoneRebel minister _ Cai someoneRebel minister _ Cai someone

Not long after, a servant came in to serve tea, Yan Qingyuan drank half a cup, no matter whether Gui Wan was tired or not, only ordered her to wait on the side of the pen and ink, copied a few hours later, the party moved his waist, see Gui Wan motionless staring at the words in black and white, I don't know whether it's a daze or a careful study, he laughed and said: "I'm a boor, and my handwriting is not good. I'm afraid I'll stain Miss Lu's eyes." Gui Wan opened his lips slightly, his long eyelashes fluttered a few times, but he didn't say a word. Yan Qingyuan looked at her for a moment, reached out and held her in his arms, lighting his pen and ink: "I have to ask Miss Lu for advice. If such an article is sent to an elder with a family background, can it enter his eyes?" Gui Wan Ben was surprised that such a person as he was could write a dignified, skeletal and graceful character. Suddenly he heard him ask a question. Thinking about the situation just now, he suddenly became frightened and answered in a low voice: "Yes." Yan Qingyuan then put his hand into her chest. He was so frightened that Gui Wan's whole body stiffened. His soul immediately flew away. He said with a low smile, "I said, I'm not allowed to ask questions perfunctorily." Gui Wan tried to calm down. He looked at his eyes and said, "The general's handwriting is vigorous and vigorous. If you send it to your elders, you will get a green eye." "So you like ah," Yan Qingyuan smiled, "I asked is the" Spring and Autumn Gong Yang Zhu Shu ", not how the word. Gui Wan blushed and hated him for teasing him like this. He raised his eyes and glanced at him quickly. He bowed his head and said, "If he had this book in his home,ultrasonic molten metal, he would not be surprised. On the contrary, he would be happy to see it." When Yan Qingyuan heard this, he smiled even more. He hugged her and said, "Over the years, wars have been raging everywhere, the Imperial Academy has been destroyed, and many Confucian classics have been lost. I really haven't seen many of the books in your box. It can be seen that there is no lack of learned scholars in your family." He inexplicably said some irrelevant words, heard Gui Wan thorn heart, holding back tears,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, also should not speak. Before I came to Yecheng, I lived in Jinyang Wangfu. My father often invited people to give lectures on Confucian classics. There was a gentleman named Lu Jingyu, who annotated the Book of Changes, the Book of Rites, the Analects of Confucius and Laozi. Mr. Lu's foundation was not inferior to that of Jiangzuo's Confucian classics family. Yan Qingyuan seemed to be quite interested and talked with Gui Wan about his career in Jinyang. Aster had no intention to listen to, into the ear for half a day, but is doubtful, many people in the northern Dynasty only speak Xianbei language, even the central plains of Chinese will not say, let alone write, Aster and listen to Yan Qingyuan a Mr. Lu, doubt whether he said Fanyang Lushi, but the north of the Wei Dynasty family does not have a good impression, since decades ago, Xianbei occupy the eastern capital of Luoyang, then gradually boast of the orthodox central plains.. My thoughts drifted for a moment, and then I thought, "Even if you have read a book, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, you are just an uncivilized beast. How can you know what is the dress etiquette?" Does the general also like Confucian classics? When Gui Wan asked him, Yan Qingyuan slanted his head and touched her cheek: "Just like I like you!" His voice again gentle and sticky, Gui Wan hear creepy, think sister evaluation although he is half of the Han people, after all, a body of Xianbei habits, know a few words, but arty. Can see his word today, should also be under the effort, Gui Wan slightly confused, was held by him for half a day, want to break free but afraid to provoke him to make color, will only torture people on that matter, and froze for a while. Unexpectedly, Yan Qingyuan kindly let her go this time: "It's late at night. Go and have a rest." "Won't the general rest?" Gui Wan's heart was pounding, testing whether it was true or not. Seeing that his eyes were slowly softening, he thought it was an illusion. Yan Qingyuan frowned and smiled at her: "Why, I can't sleep alone?" Gui Wan was so surprised that she couldn't speak. She shook her head. "No!" With these words, he slipped out of his arms and hurried to the inner room as if fleeing for his life. Apart from her shoes and socks, Gui Wan huddled in the corner with her quilt, neither sleepy nor daring to go to sleep. She hugged her knees and listened to the wind raging outside. After listening for a long time, she felt as if she were in a dream, as if she had made a mistake. She was still in Shouchun City, painting with her sister. The music was blurred, the birds were singing and swallows were singing, and the last ray of light of the sunset was easily swallowed up by the twilight. They thought they had a lot of time to spend. I don't know how long she thought about it without a clue. She finally got tired. When she woke up again, it was early and bright. Gui Wan was so excited that he hurried to look at the pillow, but it was empty. Didn't he sleep here last night? Gui Wansheng doubt, both happy and dare not believe, quietly put on clothes, wearing shoes toward the outside of the two eyes: There was no one on the edge of the desk, so he tidied it up neatly. Gui Wan crept to the desk and saw that the book was still there. He quickly took out his veil and wiped it carefully, as if it had been soiled by Yan Qingyuan. Yan Qingyuan has picked the curtain to come in, the cold eye follows her a series of movements, does not say a word. When she turned around, Yan Qingyuan's eyes were waiting, but he could not see any emotion. Gui Wan was obviously frightened again. He covered his chest tightly and saw him coming. He stepped back a few steps and wanted to pass by. Yan Qingyuan refused. Gui Wan bowed his head and noticed that he was wearing court clothes. The style was slightly different from Jiang Zuo's, obviously with Hu Feng. The book was easily taken away by him. With a low cry, Yan Qingyuan smiled and said, "So stingy?"? I haven't finished copying yet. What are you afraid of? He raised his hand. "It's yours. Don't worry." Then he looked at her jokingly, "but you are mine." Gui Wan saw that he had crossed over himself and was really heading for the desk. He didn't know what he was eager to copy for. Suddenly he remembered what he had said last night. He seemed to understand a little. Yan Qingyuan looked up at her and said, "You're unkempt. Why don't you go and freshen up?" Said to the Wan face a red, turned to go, but listen to YanQingyuan clapped two hands, lift the curtain came in two high nose deep eyes of Xianbei maidservant, to the Wan see not used to, silently by their wait on, after a wash and dress up, is still brought to YanQingyuan with. She was wearing old clothes, but this is not the south of the Yangtze River, in Yecheng, in the end too thin, Yan Qingyuan glanced at two eyes, also not loose pen, until the servant sent the meal, just throw away the pen, sit on the couch: "Are you hungry?"? I heard you didn't eat last night. Gui Wan stood still,ultrasonic spray nozzle, just shaking his head gently. Yan Qingyuan was annoyed by her dead man's style. He leaned lazily towards the pillow and said, "Are you going to stand like this?" Gui Wan felt sad and hated his power. He silently took a few more steps in front of him, but he heard a cold sniff from Yan Qingyuan: "Stand if you want to!" 。