Drunk pillow rivers and mountains

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Drunk pillow rivers and mountainsDrunk pillow rivers and mountainsDrunk pillow rivers and mountains

Zong Chuke's eyes flashed a few times. He turned to Cui Wan and said, "Cui Yushi is older than Zong. He should be the elder brother.". Elder brother, please accept my younger brother's worship! Said to Cui Wan bowed three times. Li Xian stroked his beard, and Cui Wan stood there, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, and did not know how to deal with it. When Li Xian saw that he had not returned the courtesy, he frowned slightly and urged, "Cui Wan, why don't you.." As soon as Li Xian said this, he saw a warrior standing in the palace coming in a hurry. He knelt on one knee in front of the emperor and said in a deep voice, "Your Majesty!"! The right servant shot Yang Zaisi, the third grade of Zhongshu, and sent someone to report the funeral. "A leisurely little peasant girl", Liang Tiantian accidentally crossed, the house was bare, but also encountered the flames of war, the mother died, leaving four small turnip heads, Liang Tiantian said Alexander. It is said that stepmothers abuse people, but I didn't expect that stepmothers are even more unreliable these days. When the time travel woman meets the reborn man, Liang Tiantian said that the silver is still good-looking. The book number is 3100037, please enjoy. www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 1175 picking leaves and flying flowers. Yang Zaisi died of illness! Yes, he died of illness, which is very important to the emperor. If Yang Zaisi, who was 80 years old, had to take part in the "tug-of-war" competition just because the empress and Princess Anle wanted to have fun, and lost his life, it would be a heavy blow to the reputation of the emperor. Although the prime minister Yang, who had been in a stable position for more than ten years and had always stood firm in this extremely turbulent era of political situation, was indeed killed because of flattery. However, although he fell during the tug-of-war, after he was sent back to the mansion,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Yang Fu went everywhere to invite the doctor's hand, which dragged his life for more than four months, so that the emperor could separate the matter from the tug-of-war incident. Otherwise, once this matter is publicized, the emperor must have an absurd name. In fact, in order to mediate the dispute between Zong Chuke and Cui Wan in the court today, he fancifully wanted them to be brothers with different surnames, which was already absurd. But the emperor himself obviously didn't think it was ridiculous, but the prime minister Yang Zaisi's death, he realized the serious consequences, now not only Yang Zaisi one person, beans Lu Qinwang since that day after the tug-of-war broke his head, has been lingering in bed, see can't endure for long. If the two octogenarian prime minister is because the emperor wants them to tug of war and died, Li Xian will no longer escape the name of the absurd son of heaven, is to hear Yang Zaisi died of illness, Li Xian is very nervous, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, he also did not care to bring Zong Chu guest and Cui Wan knot please brother, immediately announced the retreat, to Yang Fu. When Empress Wei heard about this behind the curtain of beads, she also felt that it was very difficult. On that day, she proposed to let the minister tug of war, but Anle, and she also strongly agreed. As soon as the meeting broke up, Empress Wei left Zong Chuke to discuss the matter with him. When Zong Chuke heard Empress Wei's worries, he comforted her by saying, "Don't worry, Empress.". Yang Zaisi is an octogenarian, and it makes perfect sense to say that he died of illness. The tug-of-war under the Xuanwu Gate that day, because there was no big deal, the matter had not been spread among the people, only the civil and military ministers knew about it, if anyone would link the two things, it could only be them. The minister immediately issued a general order to all ministries in the name of Zhengshitang, strictly forbidding officials to criticize. Empress Wei nodded and asked Zong Chuke to deal with it quickly. After Zong Chuke left, Empress Wei suddenly remembered Ju Lang and the historian, and ordered people to invite Shangguan Zhaorong. I have to explain it to the living man and the historian. Must not be recorded in the history books and living notes, once the death of Yang Zaisi is attributed to the tug-of-war of Shangyuan, then she and the emperor will be left with eternal infamy. The historiographer and Qijulang are currently under the jurisdiction of Shangguan Waner. Since Li Shimin interfered in writing history, the historiographer can no longer be detached from the general status in ancient times. As long as Waner exerts pressure on them, the historiographer can be urged to use his pen carefully. Not to mention how Wei Hou here racked his brains to control the situation, just say Yang Fan here, before the meeting broke up, Guo Hong rushed to him to thank him a thousand times, and then was called by the eunuch to the government affairs hall to receive the decree. Yang Fan left the palace city, ride a horse and return, all the way to go, passing Tongyi Square, Yang Fan suddenly strangled the mount, turned to look into the square, look gloomy. The place where he had a tryst with Taiping was in this square, the first lane of the second bend as soon as he entered the gate of the square. Today was the day of their monthly tryst, but he had not been to Tongyifang for a long time. Yang Fan devilishly pulled the reins and pulled the horse to the square. Ren Wei and others ran after him in silence. Three into the courtyard, in this adjacent palace city, every inch of land in Tongyi Square, more expensive than the remote square in seven into the big house. Princess Taiping came slowly from the elegant path of Rattan Rockery and Xiuzhu Yuli, followed by Zhou Min, the steward, and Mr. Moda, the counselor. Princess Taiping said to Zhou Min, "All right, I've said everything I need to say. I'll leave the rest to you. There are only two months left. You should take care of it. Don't be late for a business trip." With a respectful reply, Zhou Min stopped and watched Taiping and Mr. Mo leave. "What interesting thing did you say happened in the court today?" Taiping asked Mr. Mo. With a smile, he told Princess Taiping about the important event of today's meeting. When Princess Taiping heard Yang Fan standing up for Guo yuanzhen, she could not help but feel a touch of surprise in her eyes. When she heard that Li Xian had brought Zong Chuke and Cui Wan together as brothers with different surnames, Princess Taiping suddenly stopped. What? It's ridiculous! Brother Huang, how.. It's absolutely ridiculous! Princess Taiping was so angry that her face turned pink and her body trembled. An inexplicable sadness filled her chest, and at this moment she even felt that even if her mother came back to life, the world would be better than the present situation. It was Empress Wei who now controlled the government,ultrasonic cutting machine, and it was Wei's party, and the position of the imperial clan of Li Tang was even worse when Wu Zetian was alive. Although the Wei Party had not yet brandished a butcher's knife at the imperial clan of Li Tang, it had already sharpened its knife. fycgsonic.com