Emerald Ship-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Emerald Ship-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel ParadiseEmerald Ship-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel ParadiseEmerald Ship-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

The voice had already stood up, and after gazing out of the gate for a little while, he straightened his expression and said, "It seems that no more guests will come." Then he looked at Murong Jie and said with a smile, "Master Murong, I'll send you to your residence to have a rest.." As they walked through the square side by side, Murong Jie pointed to the tents on both sides and asked with a smile, "Brother Wang, isn't this the temporary residence?" "Yes." Ban Dong nodded and said, "But these are ordinary residences. VIPs like Master Murong should live in special residences." Murong Jie asked with a smile, "Brother Wang, I don't know what kind of people have lived in that special residence." Ban Dong Zhengrong answered, "To tell you the truth, Master Murong, the special residence is divided into four levels: Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Huang. At present, except for the father and daughter of Lord Liu of Chicheng Villa, the brother and sister of Lord Leng of Crouching Tiger Villa, and the current leaders of various sects, who live in the residences with the names of Earth and Xuan respectively, three young distinguished guests have lived in the other names of Heaven." As for the'yellow 'name residence, it is still empty. Murong Jie seemed to be stupefied for a moment and said, "With the identities of Lord Liu and Lord Leng,water bottling line, you can only live in a'land 'residence." "Sir," said Ban Dong with a smile, "the leaders of the various sects today can only live under the name of Xuan." "Then," asked Murong Jie and Zhang Mu, "what is the background of the three young people who have already lived in the'Heaven 'residence?" Ban Dong smiled mysteriously and said, "Your Excellency will see you at the birthday feast tomorrow." By this time, the two of them had crossed the square, ascended the stairs, and were about to enter the gate of the "Four Seas Hall". Murong Jie suddenly withdrew his right foot, which had been raised and was ready to step into the threshold. He turned his head and asked with a smile,water filling machine, "Brother Wang, with my identity, what kind of residence should I live in?" Ban Dong said with an apologetic smile, "As Master Murong, I should have lived in the'Xuan 'residence, but you have always been a loner. According to the regulations of this garden, you have to be a little wronged and live in the'Huang' hotel." Murong Jie smiled faintly and said, "What if I want to live in a house named Tian?" Ban Dong froze for a moment and said, "I'm sorry!"! I am in accordance with the regulations, and I dare not specialize in it. "Brother Wang," said Murong Jie, "as the saying goes, it's better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of an ox. I think it would be more comfortable for me to live in the most basic crimson tent." With that, he turned and walked to the steps. Ban Dong quickly grabbed him and said, "Master Murong, please listen to me." Murong Jie smiled and said, "There's no need to say anything!"! "Brother Wang has done his duty to receive you according to the regulations. This is because I don't know how to appreciate it. I'm willing to live in the crimson tent." "Master Murong, liquid bottle filling machine ,PET blowing machine," said Ban Dong with a full expression, "there is no restriction on the qualifications of the hotel named'Heaven 'in this garden. Anyone who has the ability of a wizard and is above the head of any school can live in it.." "That's just like a sentence," Murong Jie said in the first place. Ban Dong smiled darkly and said, "Master Murong is determined to take revenge. He has been facing the wall for ten years. He may already have the skill to surpass the leaders of various sects.." Murong Jie answered coldly, "Brother Wang, do you want to test him?" "I dare not." "Master Murong," said Ban Dong with an apologetic smile, "how about asking the Lord for instructions before making a decision?" "Then," said Murong Jie, "I'll wait for the good news in the crimson tent.." With these words, he strode down the steps. Ban Dong had no choice but to follow him quickly and said with a shyly smile, "Since Master Murong is determined to do so, I have no choice but to send you to the Crimson Tent first, and then ask the God for instructions.." Before he had finished speaking, the Crimson Tabernacle galloped forward, pretending to be a man, and greeted Ban Dong with a respectful salute. "Report to the National Teacher," he said. "Someone is making trouble in the Crimson Tabernacle.." Ban Dong's face changed and he said, "Who is the troublemaker?" "It's a hunchback named Jin and a man dressed as a fisherman," said the strong-dressed man. It's called Monday Min. Ban Dong was stupefied for a moment and said, "That's Zhou Yimin, the old man of Yunmeng Diao. The hunchback with him, whose surname is Jin, must be Jin Shijian, the nine-fingered God camel. I didn't think these two would come to pay their respects." Then he asked in a deep voice, "That should be the distinguished guests of a special residence. How could they be placed in a crimson tent?" "That's what happened after the national teacher left," said the man with a wry smile. "As soon as the national teacher left, the two of them also entered the door. At that time, Zhang Biao registered for them. Zhang Biao didn't know the origin of these two people, and he didn't know the rest of them. So he took them to the crimson tent by mistake." "They're all a bunch of gits!" Ban Dong shouted angrily. "Yes!"! National teacher.. "National teacher" also turned into a git, Murong Jie wanted to laugh in his heart, but he did not laugh out loud. "How can you make trouble in the future?" Asked Ban Dong. "As soon as they came in," said the man, "they asked the receptionist how they could have been assigned to that place. At that time, it was Liu Erhu who was in charge of the reception. Liu Erhu replied that I was only in charge of the reception, but I didn't know anything about the rest." After a brief conversation, the man replied with a wry smile, "I didn't expect Liu Erhu to tell the truth, but he got a big slap from the golden hunchback, knocked out two big teeth, and shouted angrily," Call your senior receptionist.. " Ban Dong waved his hand with a wry smile and said, "All right, that's enough. You go back first. I'll be right with you." After the strong man bowed and retreated, Ban Dong turned to Murong Jie and said with a wry smile, "Master Murong, in that crimson tent, a person of status can't stand it.." Murong Jie said with a smile, "I am willing to do so. I will never vent my anger on your subordinates." Under the guidance of Ban Dong, the two of them continued to walk to the Crimson Tent. After a conversation, Murong Jie answered with a smile, "It turns out that Brother Wang is Ban Dong, the famous'Thousand Faces Zhuge 'who is a national teacher. It's better to meet him than to be famous. I admire him very much." "I'm flattered, Master Murong," said Ban Dong with a smile! Ban Dong Lang's undeserved reputation is really a shame. "" Talking and laughing, he had reached the front of the row of crimson tents. There were three rows of crimson tabernacles,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, with ten seats in each row, and each seat was divided into eight small rooms, which could accommodate eight people. gzxilinear.com