Kunlun Shrine of Ghost Blows Out the Lamp _ World Overlord Singing

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The fat man said discontentedly, "Why did you suddenly become softhearted today?"? In fact, I think Uncle Ming

The fat man said discontentedly, "Why did you suddenly become softhearted today?"? In fact, I think Uncle Ming is suffering now, and he is silly and wilting. I can't bear it when I see him. Let's take this opportunity today to send him to the right place as soon as possible. Sister Ah Xiang, don't be reluctant to part with your godfather. If you don't let him die, it will drag your godfather's hind legs and delay him. There is no shop in this village. If you die tomorrow, you will not die to save the world, then you will not be able to achieve the right result. Maybe there will be something in the next life. And And the most important reason, don't forget, Uncle Ming has a concussion, silly, that is, he doesn't know anything. Xiang was speechless by the fat man's theory and was about to continue crying when he heard Uncle Ming, who had been sitting there silently and unresponsive, moan softly: "Ouch.." It really hurts. Is my old life still alive? Seeing that Uncle Ming had regained consciousness, Ah Xiang was pleasantly surprised. Uncle Ming looked very weak and his eyes were scattered. He said that he had just fallen off the crystal stone at the bottom of the clouds, hung up his climbing helmet, and hit his head on something hard. He did not know anything about it, and asked where it was? As soon as Ah Xiang told him what had just happened,drum spill containment, Uncle Ming stroked Ah Xiang's head and sighed, "Oh, this poor child, where is Brother Hu?"? I I have something to say to him. Uncle Ming asked Shirley Yang and Fatty to avoid it first. They knew that Uncle Ming probably wanted to talk about Ah Xiang's marriage. They had to step back a few steps. Uncle Ming said to me with tears in his eyes: "In fact, I have been mentally prepared since I heard the name of this thunder mountain. This time it seems that I have hurt my internal organs. This is an act of God. Everything is an act of God. Since no one dies, No one can leave alive. Then accept your fate. But Ah Xiang, I can't rest assured. You must promise me to take good care of her in the future. She grabbed Ah Xiang's hand with difficulty and tried to hold her hand for me. When I saw that Uncle Ming was a dying man whose words were good,plastic wheelie bins, and a dying bird whose song was sad, I suddenly felt a burst of sadness in my heart. So I took Ah Xiang's hand and promised, "Don't worry about these things. Although I may not marry her, I will always take care of her like my own sister. If I eat dry food, I will never give her thin drink." Uncle Ming's eyes showed a look of relief, and he wanted to hold my other hand. At the time of life and death, I was quite moved. I just wanted to stretch out my other hand to hold him together. In a trance, I saw a strange light in Uncle Ming's eyes that was not easy to detect. I suddenly thought that he was holding the "Phoenix Gallbladder" in his other hand. It was like a flash of lightning in my mind: "*** your female horse. The play was real enough, but it was almost too hot to think of Master Hu! But after all, my reaction was a little slow, so in less than a second, Uncle Ming grabbed the "Phoenix Gallbladder" and rolled away from the ground. I still had a hand to hold with Ah Xiang. I quickly shook off her hand and tried to grab Uncle Ming's legs to hold him, but it was not far from the edge of the beam, and there was a mirror maze of crystal stones below, plastic pallet box ,plastic trash bins, and there was water in some places. The "phoenix gallbladder", which was related to the life and death of all the people, was likely to fall down in the dogfight. I threw a rat to avoid the weapon, but I didn't dare to exert my strength, so I didn't catch him. Uncle Ming was like an old monkey. He bounced up from the ground, stepped on the stone in front of the stone figure, and climbed up to the top of the stone figure. He raised his "Phoenix Gallbladder" and said, "If anyone dares to touch me, I will throw the beads down. At the worst, we will perish together. Hu Zai Fei Zai, you two losers, you think you are smart enough to let me, Lei Xianming, die for you. It's a dream. I haven't seen any scenes before. Not every time I live to the end, no one can ***ing kill me. Chapter 32 sign of life and death The Stone Stem Sky Beam is transformed from a whole ancient fossil tree. It is more than 30 meters long and about five meters wide. It is neat and solid, and its lower part is submerged in white clouds. One end of it is connected to the platform in front of the "White Tunnel", and the other end goes directly to the entrance of the Yushan Altar Mountain. There are many ancient white stone figures standing on the Sky Beam, which are very similar to the picture in the "Tomb of King Xian". Uncle Ming rode on the shoulder of a stone figure, holding the hand of "Phoenix Gallbladder" and reaching out of the sky beam. Fatty and I dared not act rashly. Even if no one touched him, Uncle Ming had an old problem. When he was nervous, his hands began to tremble and he could not hold anything steadily. If he fell into the maze of mirrors below, he could not find it in a moment. Our time is running out, so Uncle Ming is like holding a very unstable bomb, and once the situation occurs, the five people will inevitably be destroyed. Uncle Ming's head was wrapped in bandages, staring and clenching his teeth. Excitement, anger, hatred and other emotions made him hysterical. This was the most dangerous time. Maybe if he added a little more pressure, the fuse in his mind would be blown and he would be on the edge of a cliff of mental breakdown. Uncle Ming shouted at the top of his voice, threatening everyone to step back. If anyone dared not listen, he would throw the "Phoenix Gallbladder" far below. I had no choice but to step back and scold Uncle Ming's ancestors in my heart. The old Hong Kong farmer's scheming was deep enough. He slipped into the crystal layer below. Although his head was broken and he bled a lot, it was all skin trauma. He just fainted for a while. At least when we were discussing the "killing ceremony", he was as sober as before. However, as soon as he heard that the situation was not right, he pretended to have broken his brain. Then, after learning the importance of this "phoenix gallbladder", he cheated to seize it. At that time, we were in a very complicated mood and lacked precautions. In any case, he had to stabilize uncle Ming first, so he made a gesture to fat man and Shirley Yang behind his back, telling them not to act rashly. Once they made a move, they must hit the target. They could not take any risk that the "phoenix courage" might make a mistake. Then he said to uncle Ming, who was riding on the stone man,collapsible bulk container, "why did you do that? We are all grasshoppers tied to the same rope. We can't walk away from me, nor can we fly to you. I've never intended to sacrifice anyone. What the fat man said just now is only based on the premise that you are always in a vegetative state. Since you are in good health, I advise you to stop tossing and turning as soon as possible. Hurry down and we'll discuss other ways. 。 cnplasticpallet.com