Fierce Ghost Shelter System

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"It's so noisy!" With a loud roar, the wine-swallowing boy opened his mouth to a horrible extent, as if he were ready

"It's so noisy!" With a loud roar, the wine-swallowing boy opened his mouth to a horrible extent, as if he were ready to be eaten by Tu Yong. Muscles were burst, bloody teeth toward Tu Yong bite, Qin Kun palm a turn, a nail pestle appeared. The boy swallowed the wine and bit the pestle. Tu Yong knew that Qin Kun had the strength to protect himself, but in this case, he was still cold behind his back. He pretended to wipe his sweat calmly and pointed his thumb behind him: "Aileen, see? It's really a ghost.". The man beside me is a master, and he protects me! Qin Kun had no choice but to enter the mirror and said hello to Tu Yong's wife. Remember Tu Yong is not very hanging, how is a henpecked? The expression of young married woman is still not good-looking, she opens a mouth: "Tu Yong!"! I saw General Manager Li of Yuxianting, how do you explain that? Next time, make up a better excuse. The video hangs up. Tu Yong: ".." Qin Kun: ".." Li Chong spread out his hands. "It's not my fault, is it?" The shrine is very big, Tu Yong is extremely resentful, how to explain this? Women are such creatures, there is almost no reason to say ah! I want to tell her that Li Chong is actually a master of ghost hunting. First of all, Li Chong must be low-key, in fact, said she did not believe ah. Your wife cares about you. Qin Kun walked inside, stepping on the cobblestone pavement, and said with relief. Tu Yong touched his nose with a wry smile and said,eye cream packaging tube, "She gave birth to a daughter for me. She spoils her too much and her wings are hard." Family childe also has distress, Qin Kun can not understand, can only express sympathy. The line of sight shifts to this shrine, the shrine fog fills the air, the eye of heaven does not have much effect, the roadside stone lamp, inside has half candle burning. This is Li Chong found three strange places, at the same time,plastic packaging tube, the wine swallow boy also brought the news, Qin Kun to find the person, once appeared here. There will be some monsters inside. They are the monsters of Kyushu. They are not under my control. Since you two are looking for someone, don't mess with them anyway. The boy saw a shrine full of evil spirits and told him. "What about the little girl?" Asked Qin Kun? Why didn't you come today? The wine-swallowing boy disdained to say, "The people of Yinyangliao only talk about interests, not credibility.". Those people are worse than our monsters. Do you think she will come back foolishly when she feels that her life is threatened? This is human nature, Qin Kun is sure. Wine swallow boy dare to come, there must be a back hand, but Qin Kun is not afraid, if this little thing is weak retreat, but also to participate in the way of life and death to do? "The little girl did not come, Qin Kun's helper is only a wine swallow boy, wine swallow boy walked in the front, open the door of the temple." Kyoto Wine Swallow Boy, I've come to pay a special visit to the Great Tengu of Yingyan Mountain! Tall temple, the building is simple and exquisite. Tengu Shrine, aluminium laminated tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, Tengu Shrine, which is full of monster statues! As soon as I opened the door, the cold wind blew in, as if I had entered the Devil's Cave. Chapter 618, Big Tengu [Second Watch] Ghosts in Japan like to possess people. People in Japan also like to breed negative emotions, or violence, or misanthropy. Those who want to commit suicide do not know whether it is because of the pressure of life or the longing for another dimension, so that the monsters can take advantage of it and offer some conditions in exchange to instigate them to recite incantations and possess spirits. So there are a lot of spiritual bodies! Fierce ghosts will bring them convenience in life and satisfy their vanity, and they will become the host of fierce ghosts and become monsters. When their consciousness disappears completely, their bodies will be occupied by fierce ghosts and become complete monsters, no longer human. In addition to the statue, there are three evil spirits in the temple. And. Three young men. The young man knelt on the ground with tears and clenched fists. Dear Lord Tengu! We want to get your power, please show it! Lord Tengu! We want to pass the national examination and get ahead! Lord Tengu! Please, please, we are willing to worship you! Qin Kun and his party broke into the temple and stunned the three of them, as if something shameful had been discovered. They shouted, "Who are you?"! We're worshipping Lord Tengu! Get out Three people, as if they were all students, were literary, but when they got angry, their expressions were distorted and very ugly. "Hey, boy, don't you study hard and come to beg for ghosts?" Li Chong said contemptuously, "can ghosts help you?" You are insulting Lord Tengu! You will die without a burial place! This is the fanaticism of believers, but also spiritual sustenance, Qin Kun saw that three young people facing the pressure of examinations, do not want to be punctured by Li Chong dream, in the debate, but also to encourage themselves. They seem to feel that as long as Lord Tengu can help them, it is worth paying a little price. Qin Kun this kind of study slacker, expresses the understanding to three people, Li Chong can not be so soft-hearted. Bang! A slap in that face of the shout student. Fuck off. At night, this is not where you come from. The student's eyes were bloodshot and he was pulled by his companion: "Mr. Tanaka, don't worry about that man!"! In five minutes, it will be more than the time to invite the spirit! The student woke up and knelt on the ground. Three people are reciting the incantation, this incantation and invites the pen fairy, the dish fairy's incantation to be the same, invites the spirit incantation! "Hello.." Don't! Qin Kun wants to call three people, please spirit upper body, shaman that kind of spirit strong person can, only they can not. This group of ordinary people, do not know that it is easier to invite God than to send God? And Can you send a magic spell? Qin Kun wanted to meddle and was pulled by Li Chong. Don't be naive. It's useless. It's a bunch of fanatics. If you hold him today, he won't think you saved him. Maybe they will kill themselves. These fragile guys are not worth saving. Next to the biggest statue of Tengu, three vague shadows came out, and Qin Kun saw three people walking past and'sitting 'in the bodies of three students, helpless. The three students hung their heads, and after a while, they turned their heads with strange expressions. Oh, the wine-swallowing boy? Isn't this the big demon of Kyoto? What are we doing in Yingyan Mountain? This tone, let the wine swallow the boy very lose face. How to say, and the big dog is also the same level of the monster,empty lotion tubes, these three little demons, dare to talk to themselves like this? Abdomen bulges, wine swallows the boy to spit out a mouthful of dirty wine.