The Nine Tripods

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"What!" Watching this scene from a distance, Fang Li's face changed and he was shocked. "This, this Teng, is so strong!"

"What!" Watching this scene from a distance, Fang Li's face changed and he was shocked. "This, this Teng, is so strong!" Of course, he knew how amazing the brute force of the beast boy was. But unexpectedly some people, rely on a hand to be able to make the ferocious beast youth can not break free, this strength. There is no doubt that it is absolutely the level of Wu Sheng! "Wu Sheng, Wu Sheng!" Fang Li was a little unwilling, but he took a deep breath. "Anyway, this Teng is also a warrior saint.". If he joins our family. In the future is not for our side to fight in all directions? Uh Be sure to subdue it under my command and use it for me! Fang Li has made up his mind. "Ha ha, this fierce beast boy is very strong.". It must be true that one hand can lift a huge stone weighing ten thousand Jin. I feel that the strength of his arms must be nearly one hundred thousand catties! Teng Qingshan heart secretly pleased, after all, he was along the most perfect plan to improve, this is only at the age of 16, the strength of nearly two hundred thousand jins, twice as much as this teenager. Ho ho ~ ~ "The ferocious young man grinned and stared at Teng Qingshan, his eyes full of wild unwillingness." Hum Teng Qingshan's eyes were cold and full of murder. At the same time, his right hand exerted itself, and a pair of wrists of the ferocious beast boy were in sharp pain. The young beast was so shocked that he dared not show his teeth and roar any more. The nature of this fierce beast boy is like a beast. When my strength is absolutely superior to his, and he feels the opportunity to kill, he will bow to the strong! Teng Qingshan feels.. The eldest disciple he wanted to receive was not a man, but a beast. "It seems that it will be very difficult to teach him in the future." Such a murmur in his heart could not hide his joy. Clang ~ ~ ~ "Teng Qingshan grabbed the chain connecting the carriage and tied up the fierce beast boy heavily,jujube seed powder, so that he could not struggle.". Then let go. Sir Fang Li, surrounded by many knights, rushed over. "Are you all right, sir?" "Ha ha, nothing." Teng Qingshan is in a good mood at the moment. The wild nature of this ferocious beast will not change. If your husband is really wounded today, then Li's heart will be uneasy. Fang Li said with a smile, "Fortunately, the gentleman's strength is extraordinary and he caught the fierce beast.". It also gave me a glimpse of Mr. Wang's amazing strength. Sir,tannic acid astringent, my family is thirsty for talents. I, Fang Li, once again ask you to join our family. But if you have a wish, sir, just ask. "Fang Li, there's no need to mention it again!" Teng Qingshan said. Fang Li is unwilling in the heart, but he just saw Teng Qingshan strength, can only secretly hate: "surnamed Teng, I invite you one after another, do not give face." One day, I will make you beg me on your knees! "Since you don't want to, my family won't insist on it." Fang Li continued to say with a smile, "Come on, put the beast into the cage, close it, lycopene for skin ,saw palmetto extract, and don't come out again to hurt people." "Yes." Many people rushed over immediately, and now the beast was tied up with chains, and there was no threat at all. Fang Li, this fierce beast, in the future, he will follow me. Teng Qingshan said indifferently. How can this disciple be spared? "What?" Fang Li was stunned, and the knights stopped and looked back at their leader, Fang Li. Fang Li, I'm on my way, too. I'll go first. Teng Qingshan picked up the fierce beast boy, but Fang Li was dumbfounded and wanted to use the fierce beast to deal with Teng Qingshan. How to think, lost his wife and lost his army, failed to deal with Teng Qingshan, but also lost the fierce beast. Just then, Li came over and said, "Brother Teng, don't worry." Teng Qingshan was immersed in the joy of getting a good disciple and did not notice the problem. But Li, who was outside the Bureau, felt. There is a problem. Why did the beast break out of the cage so coincidentally? Why attack Teng Qingshan alone? "Hm?" Teng Qingshan looked at Li. Li is to send out a low roar to that ferocious beast teenager, the murderer teenager was stupefied first, then the color of ecstasy appeared in his eyes. I haven't been able to communicate with humans for more than ten years, and now I can finally. The ferocious boy roared and answered Li's question. As he listened, Li's face turned ugly. What's the matter, little? Teng Qingshan was stunned. Brother Teng. "Li Nu pointed to the front, has seen the situation is not good to ride on the cloud gold line of Fang Li, angry roar," this beast out, is not a coincidence! But this Fang Li deliberately arranged, he let the beast attack the man in white! This Fang Li, obviously wants to kill Teng eldest brother you, also wants to kill us, this kind of person cannot forgive! ————— Three chapters are over.. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang Chapter 42 how dare you stop him? Never go around! Li's angry rebuke was still echoing on the plain, but Fang Li, who was riding on the Yunjin line, was full of panic in his heart: "How could this happen?"? How can that woman speak animal language? This world will be the beast language is the northern cold region Tianfeng family, but there are hundreds of millions of people in the world, how so coincidentally, let a person who knows the language appear here! Teng Qingshan's eyes seemed to flash with lightning, and the murder appeared: "This Fang Li is really ruthless enough to let the fierce beast kill the man in white clothes.". No wonder he wore a white robe yesterday and changed to a golden one today. Trying to kill me and the little ones! This kind of person.. Damn Teng Qingshan has no pity for this kind of person. Fang Li, you want to die yourself!!! A roar, like thunder rolling, spread in all directions. With this roar, Fang Li's heart trembled and his face turned pale. He shouted, "This man is going to assassinate you. Stop him!"! Quick, stop him! Fang Li's scream was hoarse, and the five hundred cavalry could hear it clearly. The sergeant must obey the order, and all the cavalry immediately went to protect Fang Li. Childe! "What's the matter?" Only a few of the five hundred knights heard Li's words, most of them did not hear them at all,carnosic acid price, and many of them were confused. Fang Li, do you think you can escape? Like the roar of the God of war. Echoing between heaven and earth. Teng Qingshan grabbed the carriage connected to the subway chain on the side of the beast boy. One push. "Sniff" as if to crush tofu. The chain breaks. Teng Qingshan grabbed the chain. With a sudden jolt. Even if the part tied to the fierce beast boy is broken. The chain is still nearly thirteen feet long! "To the carriage," said the roaring chain. The carriage is all in a flash!.