Wait until the rain stops

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North rain will not repair the car, opened the door of a family of three down, first standing in the shade of the roadside trees

North rain will not repair the car, opened the door of a family of three down, first standing in the shade of the roadside trees to hide from the sun. She pulled out her cell phone. "I'll call the tow truck." Bei Mu thought of something: "Don't call first, you let Jiang Yue come to send us to the White Dragon Temple first, and then come back to call the trailer after burning incense.". Burning incense also pays attention to auspicious time, and after that, it will come in vain. Beiyu pulled the corners of his mouth in silence and had to dial Jiang Yue's number. Jiang Ergou, where are you? My parents and I went to the White Dragon Temple to burn incense. The car broke down on the way. Come and pick us up. Damn it, no! I'm still in the next city and haven't come back yet. His voice came out from the phone, and Beiyu didn't have to tell him. He just raised his cell phone, looked at her mother, and spread out his hands: "I can't come." "I saw him this morning," said Beimu. "Why did he go next door in a twinkling of an eye?" Beiyu Xindao, that's because her goddess's hometown is next door! North mother suddenly thought of what tunnel: "Right, you are not and your aunt introduced that boy in the talk?"? What's your name, Shao? You call him to come, just in time to see his performance. The north rain holds the forehead: "That … … Mom, I didn't make it with Shao Yunxi. "Huh?" North mother frightened, "is not to say to talk very well?"? Is it that people don't like you or that you are not liked by others? I'm going to make a wish today mainly for your sake. You are such a mother! "Because I have someone else," said Beiyu. "Who?" "Why didn't you say?" "It's the father of the little spaceship you've seen before." "Huh?" North mother surprised,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, reaction over, "then you call him to come over." "Mom-" "Hurry up, what else can we talk about if we don't help with this kind of thing?" "Mom, shall I call a tow truck?" "Make the call!"! If you miss the annual auspicious day and time, I will not forgive you. "I don't!" Not really lovers, this kind of thing trouble Shen Luo, she really can not do it. She didn't want her mother to grab her phone directly and dial the number of his father from the address book. North Rain? The other end was picked up quickly,turmeric extract powder, which sounded a little unexpected. Bei Mu laughed and said, "Little Shen!"! I'm Beiyu's mother. Aren't we going to the White Dragon Temple to burn incense today? The car broke down on the way. Please see if it is convenient for you. Can you find a car to pick us up? If it's not convenient, I'll find someone else. "It's convenient for you to wait and I'll be right over." "That's really troublesome for you!" Beimu said with a smile. "No trouble." Hanging up the phone, Beimu proudly handed her cell phone to her daughter, who had no love for her: "This person sounds OK." "Mom, I think if I really fall in love, I will be stirred up by you," said Bei Yumu with a face. "I'm doing it for you," said Beimu. "I can't even do this little thing. What's the use?" After a pause, he added, "But then again, are you really going to be with this man?"? Although he looks like a talented person, you also mentioned that he came back from abroad, but after all, jujube seed powder ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, he took care of this child. You see, you are young and you can make money yourself, so you don't have to be a stepmother, do you? Bei Yu smiled, "Didn't you say I couldn't get married if I didn't look for someone at my age?" The north mother gives her a white look: "I am preparing for a rainy day. If it is true, in a few years, the best-selling products will become unsalable products." Beiyu doesn't know whether to laugh or cry: "So you don't want to?" North mother hesitated: "Which mother would like to see her daughter to do stepmother for others?"? Besides, how embarrassing would it be for you if your own mother came back? Beiyu said, "Didn't the little spaceship say that she didn't have a mother last time?"? Don't worry, his mother won't come back. "So a widower?" Bei Fu, who had been acting as a set, blurted out. North rain is taking out a bottle of water to drink, almost did not spray out, quickly waved: "That is not." She thought about it and found a language that the two elders could accept. "Well, you know Shen Luo came back from abroad and lived in the United States for many years, which is different from our thinking.". Many foreigners marry without children, and many of them have children without marriage. Shen Luo was originally not married, but he wanted to have a child, so he made a small spaceship by test-tube surrogacy. ” North father and north mother listened dumbfounded. "Foreign cultures are different from ours, so we have to understand," Beiyu said solemnly. North mother nodded: "understand." After a pause, he added, "But you said he had a child because he didn't marry, so why are you with him now?" Beiyu cleared his throat, his face was not red and his heart was not beating. "Because he met my true love, he changed his mind." The north mother nods: "My daughter is unusual, but how does he say is a single father really." "The little spaceship is so cute," said Beiyu. "Didn't you say you could have a son for nothing? If we have a daughter in the future, we will have both children directly. The north mother is turned into the ditch, listens suddenly to see the light: "Is really!"! Although barely satisfactory, but that young man is really a talent, small spaceship I also like very much, compared to those unfortunate children in our yard, this little guy is simply a little angel. She breathed a sigh of relief. "I've finally put my heart down. Today is really an auspicious day. I said that the White Dragon Temple is very spiritual. I have to make a good wish today." For other parents, they probably don't want their daughters, especially those who are not poor in money, to find a single father. But Beiyu knows her mother too well. She is a standard appearance association. She is still crazy about the little fresh meat on TV every day in her fifties. So she was relieved to let Shen Luo as a shield, after all, the last time I saw him, Beimu mentioned it several times, saying that she had never seen such a sign of a young man. Sure enough, it was done by her brainwashing. She breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that at least for a long time her ears would be quiet. Anyway, she will start her three-year global plan next year. The sun is getting higher and hotter. Shen Luo came faster than expected. Seeing him coming down from the taxi,naringenin price, Beimu's eyes lit up and she hurried up to meet him: "Xiao Shen, it's too much trouble for you!"! You came to our rescue on a hot day. Shen Luo shook his head with a slight smile: "No trouble!" Then he looked past her to Beiyu, who was still sitting on the roadside with a painful face. prius-biotech.com