Huanzhu Landlord _ Black Forest

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Zhao Yi lusted after the sorcerer's lasciviousness. He not only threw the young and old people of Xiaojianglou

Zhao Yi lusted after the sorcerer's lasciviousness. He not only threw the young and old people of Xiaojianglou out of the sky, but also fawned on them and leaked out all the secrets he knew. Fortunately, although Tian Si was born in poverty and was a rough man, he was loyal and cautious. Although he did not know that people like Zhao Yi who were born in poverty were not very reliable, he held the mentality that one less person knew better. There were many important words that he had not said to others, and Zhao Yi did not know much. In this way, the anti-chieftain bandits also learned that Nanzhou would never surrender, and there were two women looking for people in the mountains, who wanted to save their father for revenge. The swordsmen in Grape Ruins and the men in white were all accomplices of Nanzhou's father and daughter. Had it not been for the barrier of the great river, the thieves would have been kept by the rebels. They would have been debauched and dissolute all day long, raping barbarian women, and not thinking of Shu. Even the big thief Pan Geng knew about it. This is also one of the reasons why people are eager to get rid of the harm. Zhao Yi was originally ill-intentioned and jealous, but when he saw that the sorcerer still had a Gwangdo, he liked the new and hated the old, so he decided to get rid of it. The sorcerer was persuaded, only to be secretly heard by Gewandor, who first hid himself and ambushed outside the village, intending to assassinate him and perish with him. Zhao Yi was ordered to fetch wine and food. Not far away, he happened to look back and caught a glimpse of two adults lying next to the sorcerer. He was startled and hurried back. The sorcerer had been caught. After listening to the two of them, they met the two sisters. One of the women just walked away again. He had a vicious plan to save the sorcerer and escape into the back cave to send out a signal, which would attract the anti-chieftain and bandits to get rid of the other adult. Unexpectedly, his plan was exposed and he outsmarted himself. According to the big Lang, at that time to kill. Although the youngest daughter looked at Shuangzhu and other three people, she persuaded them to stop. The two brothers and sisters did not believe that the three would befriend this kind of lascivious and shameless villain, so they brought him back for confrontation. In order to prevent escape, although Gewando had promised and his face was surprised, he was very afraid of the elephant and volunteered to lie behind the elephant sitting on the youngest daughter to prevent it from rolling down, but the net was very loose. When they met and talked about what had happened,Automatic nail machine, they rushed to the back cave to see that only Yan Ling was still alive, and all the witches in the cave were locked up. Hurriedly pointed out the opportunity, Yan Ling went first. They saw that the weather was still early, so they rested and ate inside. Knowing that these mountain people were all captured for no reason, they were first asked separately and told that they would soon be able to return home, but that they must stay in the cave within ten days, guarded by the same strong men, and not allowed to go a step away. The rest of the little witches were also interrogated and admonished separately, temporarily confined, and then dealt with according to the weight. As dusk approached,nail manufacturing machine, I heard Lusheng playing in the square outside, leather drums banging, and the barbarian village dance was about to begin. As expected, Shuangzhu pretended to be a sorcerer, with flowers on her head to cover her face. Then she selected a few of the little witches and made them break their arrows as an oath. She used both kindness and threat to promise that they would be punished for their merits and deeds, and that there would be a reward for their success. Then she opened the hole ahead of time and went to the inverse chieftain's cave. Big Lang brother and sister also go together, dress up as two newly invited gods, with the strong men will be magic soldiers, as far as possible to dress up grotesque. Relying on the quick preparation in advance, had been pointed out, exercises several times, etiquette is also asked, just in case, has been to the front of the village, Fang Ling four appearance mighty strong men spy on the two little witches, not a word behind, with the notification. Before he arrived, Gwando had pretended to be ordered by the sorcerer to inform him that he was practicing the Dharma in the cave and had invited many magic soldiers and more than ten elephants to help him succeed. He ordered him to meet him on the ground and meet him again in the village. Hua Gulagu was overjoyed. He was one of the thieves sent by Pan Geng. Although he expected the sorcerer to pretend to be a ghost, he was doubtful, because he knew that most of the mountain people's customs were like this. Just when he was winning the hearts of the people, iron nail machine ,Nail machine supplier, he would say it perfunctorily for a while and do it together. Then he heard the report that there was a God riding an elephant in Shenwu Cave. The first group of thieves looked at the entrance of the cave, and sure enough, it was true. Big Lang brother and sister were tall and powerful, and then dressed up with the ready-made decoration in the sorcerer's cave, and rode on two big white elephants, even the group of thieves also gave birth to faith, hurried back to the village, placed fragrant flowers, fell to the ground to meet. By this time, the rear team of elephants had shouted, led by the strong men, and surrounded the large square on three sides. The elephant was standing on the spot, motionless. Thousands of mountain people, all overwhelmed, kneeling on the ground, dare not look up. Huagula heard that there were a lot of elephants, not just what he had just heard. He was pleasantly surprised, thinking that the sorcerer had invited a magic soldier. After that, he could kill and plunder as much as he liked and do whatever he wanted. Dozens of people, including the Shuangzhu sisters, had already pretended to walk in slowly. I didn't see it clearly first, but the thief next to me was the most ferocious. I could see that although his face was covered by flowers, he was dressed in the long clothes worn by witches, but his face was radiant, and his legs and feet were different. He was definitely not himself. If he said that he was still behind, he should not dress like this. I was suspicious in my heart. He was telling his accomplices to pay attention, when suddenly he heard a clear shout, and the cold light flashed. The two thieves were knocked down by Lu Qing and Shuangyu, each with a crossbow. The group of thieves saw that something was wrong and jumped up one after another, but there were not many thieves, only five or six in total. They were in trouble and caught off guard. At that time, they turned over separately. He was so superstitious that he didn't know the details. He was in a panic. He went up and grabbed him like a chicken. The rest of the leaders, big and small, were all frightened by the big Lang brothers and sisters and the elephants, and in a twinkling of an eye they stopped. As early as outside, Gwando took out the three treasures handed down from his ancestors in public, enumerated the sins of the evil and the sorcerer, stood on his own feet, and asked the people if they would like to do so. This group of barbarians have been suffering more and more since they became the leader of the Stronghold. Gewangduo has won the hearts of the people, and after hearing that they can live and work in peace and contentment, live a fair life, and no longer suffer. Goodbye, the big elephant came with us, and the three treasures handed down from our ancestors were taken back. All of them were surprised and overjoyed. They cheered loudly and swore to the ground together. As Gwando said, they were told separately so as not to leak out. The elephants were also led away by the old man, a Pang, and others. Because after colluding with Pan Geng, the fierce flame is higher and higher, the tribes far and near are afraid of daily life, and no one dares to enter the country. All the people present were local barbarians, and the place was so big that it was not easy for outsiders to know. Attack and fast, a total of less than half an hour, only killed a few first evil, that is calm. It is estimated that people will not be known, and they are very happy. When Gewangdo returned to the village, he identified a dozen or so small leaders who had helped the tyrant to do evil. He tied them up and took the three treasures handed down from his ancestors and told the crowd that they were all frightened and happy. Shuangzhu command, night to the village dance, then secretly check the movement, and please big Lang brother and sister with a dozen strong men in town, in case of an accident. After hearing Yan Ling say that the sooner the better, he instructed one person to send a message to the cauliflower village,Nail machine supplier, and then to help him ambush the river mouth everywhere, so as to prevent the thieves from crossing the river and escaping the net. On the one hand, he set out separately and had a little rest.