Record of passing on the beacon of the fortress

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After Qi Shijie told his mother what had happened, he said, "Mother, please forgive the child for being unfilial.

After Qi Shijie told his mother what had happened, he said, "Mother, please forgive the child for being unfilial. He didn't listen to your orders and caused trouble for you." Aunt Yang said sadly, "I don't blame you. You are all right.". It's my fault. Oh, how I regret it! Did she regret that she should not have spoiled her brother too much in the past, or did she regret that she had made a total mistake in dealing with this matter? She did not say it, but her heavy heart was revealed in a deep sigh! "Mother," said Qi Shijie, "let's go together." "Where are you going?" Asked Aunt Yang. "Heaven and earth are so big," said Qi Shijie. "Is there no place to live?" He originally wanted to persuade his mother to go to Chaidamu with him, but knowing that his mother's feud with Meng yuanchao had not been eliminated, it would not be possible to persuade her to reconcile with Meng yuanchao overnight. So he begged his mother to leave the capital with him first. With a blank air, Aunt Yang suddenly said, "You can go. I want to stay here." Qi Shijie was taken aback and said, "Mother, why don't you go?" "Your uncle was brought up by my sister, who was also my mother," said Aunt Yang. No matter how he becomes, he is still my brother, and I still have to do the last bit of responsibility for him! "Mother," said Qi Shijie, "you've suffered all your life for your uncle,plastic pallet crates, but I'm afraid he may not have the love of his own flesh and blood." Aunt Yang said resolutely, "If he has the heart to harm me, that's the retribution I deserve!" Yang Yan was excited and said, "Aunt, this is my sin. Let me do what you want to do for you." "No," said Aunt Yang, "you're not guilty. You left the Yang family before you were born. Your father's fault, my fault,plastic pallet manufacturer, cannot be borne by you. She took a break and went on to say, "Besides, although I have sealed my sword for many years, I am the number one person in Jianghu."! Jianghu people are the most important. I have promised Chief Escort Han that I will do my best for him to save Zhenyuan Escort Agency. How can I break my word? Just at this point, Han Weiwu came in. Elder sister, I appreciate your kindness. You'd better avoid it. Whether Zhenyuan Escort Agency can be saved or not, I'll accept my fate! Han Weiwudao. Aunt Yang burst out laughing and said, "I know that my friends in Jianghu gave me the nickname Hot Hand Avalokitesvara. With my nickname Hot Hand Avalokitesvara, how can I be afraid of trouble?". But Lao Han, are you afraid that I will get you into trouble? Han Weiwu aroused her heroic spirit and said, "Well, the elder sister is not afraid of things. How can I, Han Mou, be timid?"? I'll do whatever I want with them. Elder sister, let's sum up! "As the saying goes," said Han Weiwu, plastic pallet containers ,collapsible pallet box, "the poor don't fight with the rich, and the rich don't fight with the officials. A small Zhenyuan Escort Agency can't beat them. But there is no such thing as a word of reason. If they deliberately framed me and charged me indiscriminately, there may not be no one who dares to speak fairly. "Yes," said Aunt Yang, "the Escort Agency opens its doors and does business in all directions. Never find out the details of the guest before giving him bodyguards. If there are really anti-Qing righteous people who have come to the Escort Agency and are arrested by them, they can't use it as an excuse to accuse the Escort Agency of rebellion. Besides, they don't have any evidence. If they dare to act foolishly, Lao Han, you can scatter the heroic post and ask the Wulin colleagues in the capital to comment with them. I think they have some scruples. "The day after tomorrow," said Han Weiwu, "will be the day when I close my door and seal my sword. I have already sent out invitations to Wulin colleagues to watch the ceremony. This invitation can be used as a hero post. Aunt Yang said, "It is reasonable to say that even if Jie'er and Yan'er are suspected of being rebellious, they will not involve their relatives and friends.". But, of course, it's better to be careful. Jie'er, Yan'er, you and Miss Long don't live in the Escort Agency these two days. Please ask Lao Han to find a reliable family for you to live in temporarily. Qi Shijie said, "Don't worry about Old Escort Han. I already have a reliable place to go." Han Weiwu was an old Jianghu man, and when he didn't say it, he didn't ask. "Old Han," said Aunt Yang, "there's one thing you don't know. It's quite good for your Escort Agency. ” "What's the matter?" Asked Han Weiwu. Aunt Yang said, "Min Chenglong has been seriously injured by Wei Changqing. My unworthy brother has also given Wusuhe more than ten whips. The day after tomorrow, I don't expect to be able to recover from the injury." Han Weiwu was surprised and said, "What's going on? Wu and Wei are the chief and deputy chief of the department. They are your brother's immediate superiors. Your brother is loyal to them, not to mention Min Chenglong.". Why did our own people hurt our own people? "They brought it on themselves," said Aunt Yang. Now repeat briefly what her son had just told her. Before I knew it, it was already bright. Qi Shijie said, "We should go, too. Mother, take care of yourself." "You don't have to come to the Escort Agency to ask for information," said Aunt Yang. "But the day after tomorrow, you can sneak in with the guests. Of course, it would be better if we could change our appearance. "Don't bother telling me," said Qi Shijie. "The boy knows." Then Han Weiwu gave them the address of the contact person, and they left. "I'll see you out," said Han Weiwu. Remembering something, Qi Shijie asked, "How is Elder Martial Brother Song?" When he returned to the Escort Agency, he had never seen Song Pengju and Hu Liankui, so he had this question. "Peng Ju is badly hurt," said Han Weiwu, "but fortunately he is not in danger of dying. Lian Kui gave Min Chenglong a few whips and a little flesh wound. Now Lian Kui is taking care of his brother. Qi Shijie sighed: "There is a saying that is really true: Evil people have their own evil people grinding.". Min Chenglong was cruel enough to hurt his younger martial brother, and now he has received the retribution he deserves. Han Weiwu also remembered something and said in a low voice, "I heard that your uncle's other two disciples, Fang Liang and Fan Kui, have also arrived in the capital, but they have never been to the Escort Agency." "I already know about this," said Qi Shijie. Han Weiwu saw them off from the back door, when it was already bright and there were pedestrians on the street. Han Weiwu breathed a sigh of relief and said,plastic pallet price, "If they had come to search, they would have come long ago. There were no soldiers in the street. It seems that they didn't dare to act too recklessly." Qi Shijie went ahead and led them out of the city through the west gate. Yang Yan was a little curious, but it was inconvenient to ask him on the street where there were many pedestrians.