Not I Qingcheng: Wang Ye wants to divorce the imperial concubine

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Concubine Zhuang's eyes drooped, but she quickly said with a smile, "That's great joy." The four who followed

Concubine Zhuang's eyes drooped, but she quickly said with a smile, "That's great joy." The four who followed behind the leader exchanged a wink with the beauty beside him and quietly looked at his master. Qiaochu was suddenly at a loss. All around, watching the good play for comparison, the feeling of stuffiness brought by the eyes on his body is not as good as the blankness of the slight blockage in his heart. There was no her in Shangguan Jinghong's eyes. He glanced at the King of Xia and Concubine Zhuang, and then turned to Lang Linling, who was kneeling on the ground. Wen Tian's far-sighted eyes were somewhat similar to those of the day he operated on her. She suddenly thought, if, really just if, if he really liked her. Did she get carried away when she left Ruiwangfu, or did she deliberately mispoint him and push him away when she was assassinated? In a trance, he heard the emperor say that it was difficult for the bell girl to have such filial piety, so he went with Concubine Zhuang. Still later, the crowd flowed, and she brushed against him in the crowd. She asked in a low voice. Is your wound better. He seemed to have a faint "um", and then there was no more words between them, each separated in the crowd. Night, palace, early cloud palace. Putting the small palace lantern on the threshold, Qiaochu took the broom from the four hands, went to the corner of the hall, and began to clean up. The four and the beauties also went to one place and began to work. The dim light can still illuminate a room full of dust and spider silk. This is the former residence of Concubine Chang, the birth mother of King Rui. At the door, there were still scattered candles and burned black paper money. During the day, under the guidance of Concubine Zhuang, she and Lang Linling came here to offer sacrifices. The Chamberlain opened the door,precision welded tubes, but no one came in. There was only a simple ceremony at the door. Originally, the sacrifice was just an excuse for her to enter the palace, and a simple ceremony was enough. Concubine Zhuang was very clever and used this traceless method to bring her in. In her letter to the King of Xia at that time, she only asked him to ask his mother for help and let her go to the palace to be married. She said nothing more, and did not let him know that she was trying to avoid the prince. Some things are better to be simple. However, at a faint glance during the day, the dilapidation here made her feel uncomfortable. Everything here shows that the emperor's love for Concubine Chang is just like clouds and smoke. If he really loves her, how can he be willing to let her residence wither here? In the night, she woke up two girls and came quietly,side impact door beams, trying to sweep the place. I can't tell if it's for Shangguan Jinghong or just for this unlucky woman. Master, you are really unfair, let the beauty to do two big things, send a letter to the king of Xia, send a letter to the prince, give me the task is just to clean up the soft overnight- "four big voices suddenly sounded in the back.". The beauty snorted coldly, "let you deliver the letter?"? Xia Wang Fu is not close. Are you fast enough? The throne room is heavily guarded. If something goes wrong, like in the daytime, can you fight? Four big dry laugh a few, "or the master is clever, this manpower allocation is more appropriate ah." "You don't have to tease me on purpose," she laughed. "I'm fine." "That's strange. Master, are you sad about the prince?" She was stunned for a moment before saying, "No." The Big Four jumped over and hugged her. "Yes, yes.". It's just, master, I really don't understand why you're doing this. The broom slipped in his hand and he smiled bitterly. Why are you doing this? Maybe she really changed, and she began to know how to protect herself. By the time he made his offer, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, she had already made her decision. She had a thousand ways to reject him, but she chose to let him know the answer in the crowd and make him lose his temper. And soon Concubine Zhuang came over and found an excuse for her to leave the prince's mansion. In this way, even if he wants to find her to settle accounts, he can't do it for the time being. Only in this way can he arouse his anger towards her. Only in this way can we have no way out. Entangled with him, she can foresee their own results: love again, hurt again. If she came for Qin Ge's life and death, then after he ascended the throne, she would try to change the time of his life and death. Or, as he had thought, and had inadvertently mentioned to the four beauties, to prevent him from ascending to the position of 95. As for her cheap love, she dare not lose again, hurt again, she can only die, although Lin Lang said the compensation is very beautiful, but the reality is very cruel. What's more, although she could not see Rui Wang clearly, he had saved the beauty, he treated her well, although she did not know whether it was true or false, but she was willing to take it seriously, she did not want to harm him. Text 076 Wedding Night (1) This world, a lot of things she can not have, but now come to this world, as once said with Shangguan Jinghao, life in the world, she hopes that friendship can be sincere, that's all. Then SiDa asked again in a low voice, "Master, since you have decided to leave the Prince's Mansion, why don't you ask King Rui for help?"? Don't you want to marry him? Seeing that the man treats you very well, he should help you. Qiaochu sighed slightly. Yes, in fact, do not have to go to the palace to be married, as long as you can leave the prince's mansion, where to be married, she can find Rui Wang to help her, but if he asked the emperor for her again, let her leave the prince's mansion, is bound to anger the emperor. Xia Wang's side is much easier to handle. Prince, between the four kings of Xian, Xia and Ning, this is a constant infighting, secretly, no one will care about offending anyone, as long as the brotherhood is not torn in front of the emperor. She explained to the Big Four in a low voice. "So that's it," said the Big Four when they heard this. But, in this way, the prince will not help us again, madam how to do? The beauty interrupted her coldly. "Do you think the prince will really help his master?"? If he loves our master, how can he stand other men touching her? If he doesn't love and help his wife, it's a matter that must be settled by sending troops to fight. Will he spend so much effort to help us? With a smile, he turned and patted the beauty on the shoulder. About Miluo, she was really not naive enough to think that Shangguan Jinghao would help her. Four big hands wipe cloth a throw, a buttocks sit on the ground, small face wrinkled into a ball, "how can this do?"? Last time the master put Rui Wang together,impact beam tubes, he must think that the master and the prince have something unclear, will he help us? Qiaochu clenched the broom. Yes, would Shangguan Jinghong believe that there was no connection between her and the prince? She and Shangguan Jinghao were the only people who knew about the determination outside the throne room today.