Call your parents.

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The cloud was originally in the office lunch break, the results of the micro-blog brush, she saw the male God sent micro-blog!

The male God's wechat name is Rock, which is also his English name. His Chinese name is Yeqianyan, and his dog's name is Xiaoshi. Haha, it's quite meaningful to name him like this. After returning home, Yunlan made something for herself to eat, and then began to edit WeChat. She deleted this wechat message many times, but she didn't know how to start it. Is it too close to say "I'm home"? Is it too formulaic to say "Mr. Night, you should pay more attention to your health"? No way, the cloud can only send him a picture directly, and then explain it. Think of this month, she also sent several text messages to the male God, but he replied very slowly, the cloud pull this time is not very hopeful. However, she likes the night rock too much, obviously in the heart to comfort themselves for a long time, or can not help but stay in front of the mobile phone. After waiting for about five minutes, the male God's wechat name changed to "in the process of inputting.." The cloud pulls Bu Leng to sit up early, ah, ah, the male God wants her back! Excited, a message jumped out: "Just looking at the photos with Yehan, he was very happy." "Well, just be happy." The cloud edited the text and read it twice before sending it, for fear of typos. Because do not trust the body of male God,automated warehouse systems, she hesitated for a moment, still ask: "After you take medicine, reduced fever?"? If the fever doesn't go down, you should go to see a doctor as soon as possible. A small cold may also drag into a serious illness, early detection and early treatment will not be a bad thing. Ye Qianyan said goodbye to Ye Han and went back to his room. Sitting on the bed, his slender fingers edited and replied: "It's all right." After that, he thought that Yunlan had cooked two meals for him today, and when he was sick,radio shuttle racking, he took Yehan out to relax. Ye Qianyan added: "Thank you today." The cloud pulls completely embarrassed, the male God has said how many thanks to oneself today. You're really welcome. I'm also Yehan's teacher. Only when you're in good health can you take good care of him. Cloud pull feel that this answer is no problem, will not claim credit, and will not let the night Qianyan feel that she is close. Look, she even cares about the male God, which is so reasonable. But the night Qianyan read the news, the heart is a little uncomfortable. Does she care about herself because of that smelly boy, Yehan? Night Qianyan did not reply to her, the cloud pulled and so on, really sleepy, fell asleep. Before going to bed, she did not forget to delete the circle of friends, such as the kind of setting "not for parents to see in groups", shouting that Ye Qianyan is my male God, I want to marry him or something.. A circle of friends of extreme shame. The next day, Yun got up not too early, cleaned up, teardrop pallet racking ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, went downstairs to eat something, and she drove on to visit the rest of her classmates. The parents of these three students are also busy people. As the child's teacher, they still respect her very much. They told Yunla about their trip in the second half of the month and talked to her about the child's situation. Yunla left. This year's New Year is relatively early, at the end of January, so at the meeting on Monday, Yunwan and Lan Wenxuan discussed the parent-child activities of the Little Sunflower Class, and held a small New Year's meeting. There are only ten children in the class, and it is enough to perform a few programs. Lan Wenxuan in the weekend, also had a home visit, and cloud pull a discussion, just one day, is the time when all parents are free, the time is January 25. The children choose the program, rehearse, and by the 25th, how can they go on stage. So the cloud happily informed the parents of the time, in the parents group of the little sunflower class. Selfishly, the cloud did not drag the night Qianyan to come over, because he could talk more with the male God alone, heh heh. After sending the time to Ye Qianyan, it was not long before he replied to Yunwan: "I'll see if I have time." Yunlan originally edited a paragraph to the effect that he hoped he would come as far as possible, but later deleted it. Ye Qianyan is now convalescing at home, and the time is very long, he has not felt so idle for a long time. Originally, he stared at the chat box of two people and saw that she was typing, but after waiting for a long time, her name changed back and her message did not come. Ye Qianyan pursed his lips and put down his cell phone. Housekeeping aunt came back today, because the New Year is coming, housekeeping aunt and night Qianyan said: "Sir, from the 25th to the 5th of next month, I want to ask for leave." Ye Qianyan nodded: "You go home to celebrate the New Year." Housekeeping aunt happily straight nod: "The gentleman also goes home, and family reunion." Ye Qianyan is not enthusiastic about the Chinese New Year. He goes back to the old house to have a meal, sends red envelopes to the younger generation, and then takes pictures of the day. Eating the food cooked by the housekeeper, Ye Qianyan began to miss the taste of the cloud pull. So after eating, he took out his mobile phone and took a picture, which was posted on his micro-blog: "The taste of today's food is different from that of the day before yesterday." The cloud was originally in the office lunch break, the results of the micro-blog brush, she saw the male God sent micro-blog! Not the same as the day before yesterday? Do you mean the food cooked by yourself? The cloud held the mobile phone and thought a lot for a moment. By the time she commented, a tall building had been built under the male God's micro-blog. What do I see? The person who hasn't sent Weibo for ten thousand years has appeared unexpectedly? "Tut, tut, the sour smell of love." "Is there a situation with the male God?"? No, my heart is broken. I have to be kissed by a male God before I get up. "Mama, I want to eat the same dish as the male God!" The cloud is turning over the comment happily, the facial expression is still very serious, the input words, a little show off: "The day before yesterday is the meal I cooked for the male God oh [bad laugh]". There are a lot of comments like this, after all, we are all girls with rich imagination. So her comments were quickly drowned out. Cloud pull also do not feel pity, she also gave the male God a like, forwarded the micro-blog, leaving a few big love. Under the male God's Weibo,shuttle rack system, there are still a lot of people who are popular and blacken him for the sake of blackening, and they also beat the fans who like the male God to death with a stick: "I don't know why you chase stars every day?"? Can he be chased by you, or can he sleep? Spend money unjustly and do these useless things. 。