Go to Nanyang _ Nanpai Sanshu

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If someone on the boat is sick.." Without waiting for me to finish, Zhong Canfu threw the ten-dollar bill in a ball and said, "Are you ***ing sending beggars?"?

"It's Master Jiao's boat." Zhong Canfu slapped me so hard that my face was swollen, my ears were full of buzzing, and I couldn't even speak clearly. Zhong Canfu sneered, "You dare to act foolishly when you know it's Master Jiao's boat. You're ***ing tired of living, aren't you?" "He's really not a human trafficker-" Ah Hui shouted and rushed over, but was pushed away by Zhong Canfu's big hand: "Somebody, pack up this gigolo's things and bring them out. There are so many big fish in the sea, someone has to feed them two mouthfuls of food!" Everybody cries in unison good: "drown him, drown well, throw patting a flower to feed a fish into the sea! Throw patting a flower to feed a fish!" Uncle Quan and Heipi Tsai booed cheerfully, "Ah Chan, brother, you are really a good man!" I was surprised to see the reaction of the crowd, feel very incomprehensible, is this a few words, I will be thrown into the sea? Without any evidence, even if I am really a patter, I can't decide a person's life and death so easily! Looking at the cheerful faces of the passengers, I suddenly felt that they didn't care whether I was a bad person or not. Maybe they just wanted to see a lively scene. That's not fair! I was wronged! "Well,shuttle rack system, then I'll give you justice!"! Lest you go to the palace of the king of hell to accuse me of the Yin situation! Zhong Canfu proudly looked back at Ah Hui, who was being looked at by countless people. Two Taohai guests ran over. One picked up my rattan box, and the other pulled me out like a chicken. www/xiaoshuotxt/c o m.t|xt. Small . Shuo Tian + Tang Chapter 14 Fairness (1) Zhong Canfu strode in front, and the Taohai guest dragged me onto the deck. The crowd followed Uncle Quan and scolded him and chased him out. After a few steps, Zhong Canfu stopped and said without looking back, "Go back to the boat. There are rules on the boat." Unwilling to join in the fun, the passengers were still pushing forward. Uncle Quan and Heipi Cai then persuaded them: "Everyone go back quickly. Don't worry. Brother Ah Chan is in charge. We'll wait and see the flower to feed the fish." Seeing that everyone had returned to the fish cabin, Zhong Canfu made a look. A man squatted down and opened my rattan box. He saw that there were only a few clothes in it,heavy duty cantilever racks, and then there were some bottles containing pills. He closed the box angrily and kicked it to the side of the ship. He shook his head at Zhong Canfu with a face of bad luck. I still can't accept the present situation, is it possible that I, Cheng Minsheng, will die on the boat for no reason? I tried to struggle, but I was soon dragged beside the mast with my mouth covered and thrown on the ground. Smiling, the two Taohai guests stood behind me with their arms around their shoulders. Zhong Canfu leaned his back against the side of the boat, holding the fish edge in one hand and wiping it on the sharp thorns with the other hand: "Well, don't say I won't give you a chance. Now show me your fairness!" Knowing that the situation depended on others, I struggled to get up and softened my voice: "Brother Zhong, I am an apprentice of Quanyongtang, Yanggong Lane, Quanzhou City. My name is Cheng Minsheng. Cheng Dahai, who is famous for acupuncture and moxibustion, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, is my uncle. I will finish my apprenticeship in another year. I can help cure the disease.." Looking at Zhong Canfu's impatient face, I continued to explain: "I just crashed into the fraud of Uncle Quan and Heipi Cai when I got on the boat. They wanted to cheat the woman in the red cheongsam. I woke her up, so they hurt me.." Zhong Canfu completely ignored what I said, but waved to me impatiently: "I don't care who you are, what happens between you, but on the Fuchang, I can give justice to anyone who wants it.". But there are no lawsuits in vain in the world, and our people who go to sea never help others in vain. Don't say those useless beautiful words, just say now, how many yuan are you going to pay for this fair? I froze there, and after a while I realized it, and I couldn't help smiling bitterly in my heart. So this is the case, they don't care whether I am a flower or not, they just want to find a chance to extort some money from me! I looked at the three men in horror and realized that there was no one on the boat who could do justice. I licked the wound in my mouth with my tongue. It was fishy. It should be bleeding from my mouth. I was badly slapped in the face just now, and now I can feel that half of my face is swollen, but I know I can't take care of it. I quickly took out the remaining paper money in my pocket, only a ten-dollar bill. At that time, money was devalued and could not compare with the present ocean, but it was the only property I had, and it was also a little money. But before I was pushed into the water, I was soaked in the sea for so long, and the money was already wet and wrinkled into a ball. Embarrassed, I carefully unfolded it and handed it to Zhong Canfu and said, "Brother Zhong, I escaped in a hurry. I only have ten yuan on me. But listen to me. I'm a doctor. If someone on the boat is sick.." Without waiting for me to finish, Zhong Canfu threw the ten-dollar bill in a ball and said, "Are you ***ing sending beggars?"? Little white face, from now on, there will be no one like you on the Fuchang! "Are you still talking about conscience?" I watched helplessly as the ten-dollar bill rolled down to my feet. I sadly realized that it was completely useless to reason here. For a moment, my chest was so sad and indignant that it seemed to explode. Suddenly, I shouted, "Don't you have money in your eyes?" Unmoved, Zhong Canfu spat contemptuously and said with a stare, "Listen to me!"! Lao Tzu looks down on you, the scholar gigolos, who are always full of benevolence and righteousness, and do not do good things behind their backs. Conscience, if you want to talk about conscience, why don't you go to influence the Japanese? When I was dumbfounded, he waved his hand again and said, "You two hurry to throw him into the sea. You have no money to pay back his mother's nagging for a long time. It's a waste of energy." I was scared out of my wits, and the anger I had just aroused disappeared in an instant. In a hurry, I only had time to hold the thick mast. Under the force, the man could not drag me for a while,mobile racking systems, and became angry. He threw the fish edge, pulled my shoulder first, and then pulled one of my feet to the side of the boat. jracking.com