There are only ministers in the world

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Our division was busy with the resettlement of the victims, so it was delayed." Lin Feng-yin shook his hands, "It doesn't matter."

But with this national teacher this more than half a month, Yan Lin this view also involuntarily began to waver, her body does seem to have more attractive than the appearance of people admire things, and she is together, people can not help but be affected by her, naturally will want to be close to her from the heart, these can be and her face covered with a veil has nothing to do. 023 Merchants On the second day, when the sky was only slightly bright, the figure of Bai Shaoqing's patrol was already wandering in the middle of the city gate. Under the light of the sun, the current situation of the victims is even more worrying. The lifeless faces, the sunken cheeks, the blackened foreheads, the dry lips cracked into the color of gray flesh, made her heart throb. Most of them lay motionless on the mud floor with bent bodies, parents protecting their children, husbands protecting their wives and children, heads and shoulders leaning together. Dense tents had been built on both sides of the flat slope, and the exhausted soldiers were sleeping in the tents. She walked carefully in the middle of the crowd, every step down and up, afraid to disturb these people who had managed to sleep at ease, but even so, her skirt still brushed a man's arm, the man muttered,steatite c221, but when he opened his eyes, he was startled, staring at the white figure that was slowly walking away, he did not know where the strength came from, and suddenly got up. Shouting: "National Teacher!" Bai Shaoqing stopped because of his cry. Looking back, she saw more and more people around her waking up one after another. When they saw her, they all bent over and worshipped her. She hurriedly went to help her. How could she help so many people? Besides, when most people saw her hand reaching out, they moved back in a hurry,10g Ozone Generator, as if they were afraid of dirtying her. Bai Shaoqing could not, just a few words to appease them, asked about the situation of the patient, her gentle voice contained compassion and goodwill, the people looked up at her, although the distance was so close, but still with reverence for the gods, the people who had been comforted by her slender hands were even more tearful and grateful. Not long after, Yan Lin came in a hurry. What he brought was a bad news. Those Shikun in Ningcheng asked to meet the national teacher, but their attitude was arrogant and stubborn. Thinking of the sharp eyes of many people, Yan Lin felt very uneasy. Bai Shaoqing re-implemented the arrangements outside the city, ordered all people to live in tents or assigned to the houses before sunset today, and checked the food, watching the cauldron boiling again, and then returned to the courtyard with Yan Lin. There were dozens of magnificent sedan chairs parked outside the courtyard, each of which was flanked by bearers dressed in bright clothes with a proud look on the ground. Bai Shaoqing looked at them from a distance for a moment before entering the room. Watching her enter the room, cordierite c520 ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, a dozen men stood up, but did not mean to salute, just looked at her, a few people even looked at her with disdain, Bai Shaoqing calmly sat in front of the table, waiting for these people to sit down, just looked carefully at each person, but did not open his mouth. They waited for a moment, then exchanged glances. First a man in a blue shirt said, "The national teacher must have known who we are. We came here today to ask the national teacher what Jiang Shoufu was guilty of."? The national teacher wants to lock him up in the government office. "Yes, to settle so many refugees outside the city, but also let people live in peace?" "How can we do our business?" "Who will bear the loss if it is robbed and destroyed?" When one of them spoke, everyone shouted, and for a moment there was a lot of noise in the room. Bai Shaoqing always faced it lightly, neither speaking nor getting angry, letting these people shout loudly, and Yan Lin saw that she was silent and did not say much. They shouted for a moment, and found that the national teacher in front of them was like a wooden man, motionless, but as if he had a well-thought-out plan, and his voice finally faded down until it was silent. Only then did Bai Shaoqing say, "What Ningcheng Shoufu has done is just a trivial matter. Our country's division will punish him. He will be released in ten days." All the people, including Yan Lin, were surprised when they heard this. They all knew that this was really against the decree. When she said this, there was no place for them to speak in the wording they had originally thought of. Bai Shaoqing's eyes rested on the fat man in blue at the front. He looked at him for a moment and said with a smile, "Is this Lin Fengyin?" Lin Feng-yin was stupefied. "Yes," he said, nodding his head. "I didn't expect you, the national teacher, to know me." "The reason why I can recognize you is that when I left Beijing, I had consulted the tax records of Ningcheng over the years with Your Majesty. Your Guanglin name is all over the country. Even in the surrounding counties, you are always among the top tax collectors every year.". Your Majesty speaks highly of you. Unexpectedly, even the emperor knew about him. In front of his colleagues, Lin Feng-yin suddenly felt a glow on his face. "That's natural," he said with a smile. Bai Shaoqing added, "Guangfeng has done so much for the court. Your Majesty has decided to build an archway for you.". The decree will come in about ten days. Shouts of alarm rose and fell one after another. Lin Feng-yin was even more startled. His mouth was wide open and he could not speak. Bai Shao-ching said with a smile, "I should have told you the good news as soon as I arrived here. Our division was busy with the resettlement of the victims, so it was delayed." Lin Feng-yin shook his hands, "It doesn't matter." Then he rolled his eyes, but he felt a little uneasy and said, "It's reasonable to say that when such a good thing falls on the head, the grass people should be grateful, but these years.." That famine is again and again, the business is also a disastrous decline, hey, the national teacher wants me to take out how much money to relieve the disaster, can give the grass people a letter first. As soon as the words fell, the eyes of a dozen people were fixed on Bai Shaoqing's body, breathing a little hurriedly, but she smiled, stretched out a delicate white finger and shook it, and her voice was clear,Ceramic Bobbin, "Not a penny." As soon as she said this, there was a sudden silence in the room. Everyone stared at her in disbelief. Their eyes were in danger of falling out of their eyes. They were wondering if there was something wrong with their ears. But they heard her say again: "Our national teacher will never forcibly collect disaster relief funds from you on behalf of the court. Only through diligence and thrift can we get rich. Your family property is not suitable. Our national teacher is the goddess of the Xiang family who guards the peace of Qin." "Naturally, I want to keep you safe. Great wealth is peace." 。