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Qin Tian laughed wildly and looked sideways at Murong Yao, who was constantly releasing spiritual pressure in midair. "What's the matter?

Qin Tian laughed ferociously. Looking at Murong Jue with great interest. In his eyes, Murong Jue is like a mole ant, tiny and pitiful, as long as he is willing, one move can kill her. But he didn't want to kill her so quickly, he wanted to make Murong absolutely afraid. Let her fear, let her forever in fear and fear of reincarnation. Qin Tian is really angry! Murong was dumbfounded and his eyes were in a trance. I dare not look at Qin Tian. The mind is full of fear, completely afraid. It's not because of the disparity in strength. Not because of being beaten by Qin Tian. Because of the intention to kill. She's scared. Every cell in her body was afraid, and even the indestructible immortal Supreme God in the sea of knowledge was trembling violently, as if she could kill her life at any time, so that she would never be born in endless suffering, and that kind of terror was that she would never want to meet again in her life. Whoo-ha-ha. "Ha ha." …… Qin Tian looked up to the sky and laughed. Laugh very ferociously, growl: "Say again.". Smelly bitch, have the guts to say one more word! Quietly. There was no sound in Hibiscus Garden. Even the whole city of Shenwu was quiet and terrible. It was wrapped up by the endless killing intention. The feeling was very uncomfortable. Countless strong people were frightened. The killing intention could reach such a terrible level. No one dared to imagine it. Don't say it? Qin Tian's eyes were ferocious and fanatical, and the dark red flame in his eyes was constantly burning. Seeing that Murong was trembling and could not even speak, the big killing path rising from his body burst out more vigorously. He grinned and said, "If you don't say it, I'm going to do it." "Hum!" The voice is like a sword, penetrating the mind of Murong Jue, the whole body can not carry any resistance, silly in place, watching Qin Tian step by step,massage bathtub manufacturers, want to move, want to escape, but the feet are like being fixed, can not move. No Suddenly. Meng Qi Yan er two eyes a shock, a sharp cry, Murong Jue died, the white tiger clan will certainly go all out to kill, because she not only know the secret of Murong Feng, but also know the secret of Murong Jue,endless swimming pool, know her past, a lot of time she even sympathized with Murong jue, as a woman she can feel that kind of pain. In a flash. Meng Qi Yan'er blocked in front of Murong Jue, looking at Qin Tian, who was occupied by the power of the big way of killing, and suddenly felt a chill in her heart. She could feel that Qin Tian at this time was completely different from before, just like a changed person. The more so, the more she can not let Qin Tian kill Murong, not because she disrupted the original plan, since Qin Tian is on behalf of the Dragon and Elephant Temple that will certainly participate in the battle of Tianbang, if now killed Murong, he simply can not have a chance to participate in the battle of Tianbang. For the white tiger clan to the position of the Lord of the world, her heart can not let Qin Tian lose the opportunity. Even if she dies, she won't. Move out of my way Qin Tian's eyes were like fire. He just wanted to kill Murong Jue. He was stunned by the appearance of Meng Qi Yan'er for a moment. He immediately said, "Go away.." From the expression and tone of Qin Tian's speech, jacuzzi suppliers ,american hot tub, Meng Qi Yan'er was more sure that Qin Tian must be in some kind of crazy state at this time, his consciousness was blurred, and he could not distinguish right from wrong at all. He now had only one thought in his mind, to kill Murong Jue. Meng Qi Yan er heart a pain, tears once again can not stop the flow down, shaking his head looking at Qin Tian, a word can not be said, the heart understands that Qin Tian will be so all because of her, for this heart more painful. If I don't get out of the way, I'll kill you! Qin Tian's anger surged out, and the black flames rising from his body suddenly climbed up like a raging fire. Unbridled! "How dare you." Two voices exploded in the air, Murong Yao's voice shook the sky, the breath on his body was more like the majestic sea, a sharp drink, the pressure of the spirit was instantly released and severely crushed. Chapter 437, Pudu jingshen mantra. Thanks to'Big Love Icarus' for more support, 12000, pressure ah,, ———— The big killing road broke out in full swing. Qin Tian went on a rampage. He now simply can not control the power of the big way to kill, strong killing beyond his control, in his mind there is only one thought, kill Murong Jue, like a robot set a command, must be completed. The appearance of Meng Qi Yan'er made Qin Tian slightly stupefied, but in an instant, the intention to kill once again squeezed his last trace of sobriety out of his body, so that the intention to kill completely controlled his will. The killing in the sky made the whole city of Shenwu fall into a dead silence, like a dead city. Big kill road burst out of the murderous look is very terrible, anyone in the city feel this strong killing, the atmosphere dare not breathe. Murong Yao, who was surprised from the White Tiger Palace, was secretly angry. Looking at Murong Jue, who kept shivering and was extremely frightened, the anger in his heart burst out. He looked at him and said heavily, "Qin Tian, don't be too arrogant. Don't think that people from the Dragon and Elephant Temple can be so arrogant. Don't forget where this is!" "Whoo ha ha." Qin Tian laughed wildly and looked sideways at Murong Yao, who was constantly releasing spiritual pressure in midair. "What's the matter?" He said ferociously? You want to stop me, too? If you have the ability, you can try and see if you can stop Lao Tzu. Rampant to the extreme! Do not put Murong Yao in the fundus, around the strong people flying out of the White Tiger Palace one after another are all full of anger, if not for the identity of Qin Tian, they would have attacked, now is the coming of the battle of Tianbang, this time to kill the people of Longxiang Temple is not good. How dare you! Murong Yao's face was startled, his eyebrows were tightly wrinkled, and his eyes flashed a trace of cold killing. My Lord Patriarch. No Qin Tian is delirious, and he can't control himself at all now. And ask the patriarch not to argue with him. Meng Qi Yan'er immediately defended Qin Tian. The heart is extremely anxious, go on like this again Qin Tian even if again fierce also can't escape the encirclement of several immortal supreme to kill. Whoosh.. "Whoosh.." "Whoosh.." …… Eight figures fell around Qin Tian, his face was dignified,4 person jacuzzi, and the breath on his body was full of the power of heaven. Their faces were all facing outward, and their faces were very calm. The cold swordsman's eyes were cold. "Try to move," he said lightly. "Boom!" 。