Peerless Tangmen

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With such a disciple, as a teacher, how can we not be proud?

A golden light flashed in an instant, flat on the side of her body, directly pumping her out. It was Wang Dong who made the second hit in a row. After all, the treatment of Wu Feng is different from that of Dai Huabin, and this is just a match. That's why her winged guillotine didn't drop the blade on Wu Feng. Huo Yuhao suddenly turned his head, fundus purple golden light flash, as if the substance of the eyes flash away, not far away Zhu Lu screamed, instantly fell to the ground, mouth and nose, blood crossflow. Dai Huabin wanted to force her to perform the skill of Wuhun fusion, and the plan of the ghost white tiger was instantly obliterated. It was directly interrupted by Huo Yuhao's soul shock. With Zhu Lu's twenty-ninth level of cultivation, he did not even have the strength to resist the impact of Huo Yuhao's soul. Eyes turned to the evil magic moon that had just rushed out of the siege of Sansheng Town Soul Tripod. Huo Yuhao showed an inquiring look, "Do you want to continue?" Looking at Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, who was looming behind him, the evil moon swallowed a mouthful of saliva with some difficulty and shook his head with a wry smile. What's going on? Behind Huo Yuhao, the covetous Zhou Sichen has not made a move until now. Whether it is Dai Yaoheng or Wu Feng, they are all three-ring mixed respect for cultivation, but in front of him it seems that they were defeated in an instant without even a chance to launch a second attack. Although Xie Huan Yue thinks highly of herself,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, she doesn't think she can be stronger than Dai Huabin. Not seen for months, Huo Yuhao seems to have been reborn, seems to have completely surpassed the level of their age. The first battle, which the evil moon thought was evenly matched, ended in an instant as if it had destroyed the withered and rotten. Hibiscus has long been stunned, Huo Yuhao showed not only the strength, but also the calm and calm. Even as a teacher,304 Stainless Steel Coil, when she saw Huo Yuhao's eyes in the battle, she could not help but feel cold in her heart. It was a calm look full of wisdom, as if everything was under his control. And the competition is actually just like that. From the beginning of the simulation of the golden road deception, to the end of the final game, Class 2 had no chance at all. Seven men in the first squad can be said to have been fighting against the weak second squad with superior forces all the time. In the process of confrontation, Dai Huabin did not even block Huo Yuhao's blow. Dai Huabin's soul power has reached level 39, and his white tiger Wuhun is strong enough for his own growth. However, no matter how strong his white tiger Wuhun is, can he compare with the ice blue emperor scorpion who is the ultimate Wuhun? Ice emperor, itself is a pure power additional attribute of the soul skill, Huo Yuhao's physical condition after ten thousand years of whale glue, the gold of life and other treasures of heaven and earth improvement, has been completely not inferior to his family children. More importantly, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,stainless steel welded pipe, there is a Wang Dong behind Huo Yuhao. Wang Dong's soul power itself has reached level 36, not far from Dai Huabin, Huo Yuhao himself has reached level 30, how strong is the power of Haodong when they merge together? Even if the four-ring soul wants to fight with Huo Yuhao's ice emperor, Dai Huabin is arrogant to think that his arm can carry Huo Yuhao's ice emperor, which can only be described as self-destructive. The battle ended even faster than Huo Yuhao himself had expected. He and Wang Dong, who came to his side, looked at each other, and then looked at the Xiao Xiao who took back Sansheng Zhenhun Ding and Jiufeng Laiyi Xiao. All three of them felt that such a game seemed too simple. The battle is over before they start. And the opponents they face, the previous top strength are the same grade in the strong ah! The more they do this, the more they realize the benefits of participating in the Mainland Senior Soul Master College Soul Fighting Competition, as well as the impact and changes on themselves when they find their own way during this period of seclusion. Zhou Sichen, Cao Jinxuan and the Lan sisters did not have much excitement on their faces at this time, but were more stunned. Four people look at each other, and then look at Huo Yuhao, eyes reveal not only friendship, and even with a trace of awe. Huo Yuhao's scheduling of them by means of spiritual detection and sharing can be said to be a miracle. They only need the simplest way to release their soul skills, and it is enough to do it according to the rhythm and speed given by Huo Yuhao. Also as a control department soul division, Cao Jinxuan has a kind of amazing feeling, this is the real control ah! Not only control the opponent, but also control the teammates. With such a god-like captain, he has confidence even if he oversteps the challenge. At Huo Yuhao's signal, the Lan sisters let go of the hairnet and released Huang Chutian, Cui Yajie and Long Xiangyue, who were trapped in it. Zhou Yi slowly came to Huo Yuhao's side, looking at the glassy hibiscus not far away, her heart is not excited, but proud. With such a disciple, as a teacher, how can we not be proud? Teacher Mu, remember to clean up with your students in the future. If your students are always so vulnerable, don't confront our class next time. After saying this, Mr. Zhou turned away with his proud head held high, and Hibiscus's face was livid. Huo Yuhao face reveals a smile, he actually likes this kind of teacher Zhou, Zhou Yi that true temperament and harsh, urged him step by step to the present. He could feel the burning heart behind Zhou Yi's sternness. Although she is strict with her students, no one can match her in protecting her shortcomings. Students who really understand her will never forget such a good teacher. Not only did Zhou Yi raise his head out of the fighting area, but all the students in Class 1, Grade 2, held their heads high, which was called a proud and elated ah! The game was not only won, but also won beautifully. That kind of carefree feeling makes the students of Class One feel like they want to rush into the field and fight with their partners. In the dark corner of the bleachers,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, the teaching director, Du Weilun, was completely dull. Does he really only have two rings? Dean? How can I have a feeling that I don't know Huo Yuhao? 。